Monday, November 12, 2007

Outing And Denying The Real Deniers

Which is worse... denying the existence of the threat from man-made global warming and our ability to impact it ?
...denying the existence of the threat from Islamo-fascism (the Jihad) and our successes against it?

If alGore and the left are correct, unless we all start driving golf carts (except al of course), then the world is toast in maybe 50 or 100 years... and there is no threat to America from The Religion of Peace, need for borders ...and no way to win Bush's illegal war, so we need to get the troops out of the middle of the 'Iraq civil war' and home to fight fires and cleanup after hurricanes and pickup trash and litter.

If we go ahead and believe alGore (and the left) ...and they are WRONG, then it doesn't matter what we're driving because America won't be around in 50 years... (well maybe as the Islamic Democratic State of the Americas).

Let's just say for the sake of this discussion that the 'RIGHT' is correct and the facts back it up... (I'll get to what if the 'right' is wrong a little later).

Engram at Back Talk exposes the deniers...
It is strange to me that many on the left fancy themselves to be objective analysts fighting against the deniers of the world because they are 100% convinced that Al Gore's apocalyptic global warming vision has been scientifically established and that al Qaeda in Iraq is a neocon myth. To them, anyone who has any doubts about the impending environmental apocalypse and who believes that al Qaeda is our enemy in Iraq is an anti-science, close-minded neocon warmongerer.

After correctly pointing out the drop in civilian casualties, civilian violence and US military casualties while confirming the cooperation between Shia and Sunni and Americans and Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police and concerned citizen groups... Engram wonders how in the world liberals can STILL deny the above and cling to their global warming 'scam'? (Founder of the Weather Channel's word not Engrams)
He asks...
"What explains the drop in violence according to those on the left, who want to pull out all the stops to fight the wretched evil of global warming while denying any significant role for al Qaeda in Iraq?"

If the well documented massive reduction in violence has NOTHING to do with Al Qaeda (the same Al Qaeda that attacked us on 9/11) and the surge plan, then the massive reduction in violence is because of WHAT then? Coincidence? Just another random group of meaningless sequential isolated incidents? LOL

Some on the left claim that they have just simply ran out of people to kill in Iraq. With reports of citizens flocking back into Baghdad and other neighborhoods by the thousands, there should be plenty of opportunity to terrorize... knocking the "nobody to kill" argument down takes about 2 seconds.

n the other hand, we have numerous global climate scientists along with the highly respected FOUNDER of the Weather Channel calling man-made global warming the "Greatest Scam in History".

Again, assuming algore is right, even if the planet has warmed up a tenth of a degree in the past 100 years, who says that is necessarily a BAD thing...?
Imagine the wildlife and plant growth in areas previously too cold or harsh and dry... imagine the beauty of a tropical paradise... no more ice scrapers and salt on the streets... the left ignores even the possibility that good could come from globalwarming as well as the facts that man has little or nothing to do with it.

And yet the left has the nerve to call us "deniers".

The answer is obvious to the question at the top... If we (on the right) are wrong, the planet could turn into a tropical paradise and if they (on the left) are wrong, they are taking us straight into Hell on earth.

Save The Planet, ...(starting with America) - Vote accordingly in 2008.

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