Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Red's Challenge To Core Conservatives

Why would YOU NOT vote for Duncan Hunter?

If you are a liberal Democrat, I can understand why you would be against building the fence along the border in 6 months, against winning the war, against lower taxes, against life, against the military and basically against America in general... but for the life of me, I do not understand WHY in the wide world of sports anyone who calls themselves a conservative would vote AGAINST Duncan Hunter.

So tell me, if you consider yourself a conservative... give me one reason, one issue, that would make you vote for anyone other than Duncan Hunter.

You don't think he can beat Hillary?
I didn't realize that was the only issue, but if thats how you feel... I say let's debate that.

If you think it takes a liberal Republican from NY to defeat a liberal Democrat from NY then you must be from NY or you've been listening to the NY press.
Duncan Hunter has been defeating liberal Democrats in a state (CA) far to the left of NY, and he's been doing it WITHOUT compromising core conservative beliefs.
In fact, if CA were any more to the left of NY, it would be out in the middle of the Pacific ocean.
Yet Duncan Hunter has gotten re-elected every term since Reagan was President!

We don't have to compromise conservative ideals to defeat Hillary Clinton or any Democrat for that matter... nor should we.
Conservative ideas will defeat Democrats... Duncan Hunter best represents true conservative ideas.
The Missouri Republican Assembly in their official endorsement of Duncan Hunter said he is the "Republican Wing of the Republican Party".

If you truly want to defeat Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, (and I believe you do) then do it with real conservative values...not with compromise, do it with Duncan Hunter in 08.
The Real Deal.

Comments Invited.
UPDATE: NEW Glenn Beck video with Duncan Hunter, see the interview that I raved about last week.

Beck/Hunter interview
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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