Friday, November 02, 2007

Thoughtless Hunting For "Worst" Votes

Now THIS is hilarious.
In what has to be the lamest attempt EVER to get votes (from me and the people he thinks visit my blog) for the "Worst Blog In Oklahoma-2007", one of the nominees (who only has 3 self clicked votes), attacks Duncan Hunter out of the blue over something that happened well over a month ago! lol (Condemning Columbia U for hosting Adolf Hitler Jr. from Iran while refusing to allow the Minutemen border patrol to freely speak on campus)

I should post support for Fred, Rudy, Mitt, McCain... or Hillary just to watch him attack each of them too. Heck, I'll bet that even if I posted support for his favorite candidate Joe Biden... he would immediately rip Joe Biden! ...Too funny for words.

This is further proof that liberals will do ANYTHING to get votes... even if the votes prove them to be the "Worst Whatever"... no matter, it's votes they want and dad gummit it's votes they demand to get, no matter what they must do to get those votes.

However, I'm not sure what he is really worried about, since he believes algore won the 2000 election and John Kerry won the 2004 election, in true moonbat style he will probably claim that he was voted the Worst Blog in Oklahoma... no matter what the actual results are.

Even still, he is no match for Okie Funk and Mahatma X in the moonbat dept., these guys are professional moonbats (college professors) that don't need cheap tricks to get votes for being "The Worst". They earn it the old fashioned way... pure hatred and insanity.

When I started this Worst Blog Award contest a little over 4 weeks ago... I had no idea it would be this much fun or would expose the moonbattery the way that it has.

But after seeing this, I may have to start a "Worst Blog of the Month" award and then have the worst of the year award at the end of the year. It certainly has brought out the worst in the nominees, all scrambling to see just who can go the lowest to ..."win".

The real question is... which one will be the first to "copycat" this idea and try to steal it for their very own?
Here are the 2007 Worst Blog Of The Year nominees... (in no particular order)
Sooner Thought (alGore won ?)
Kittenstomper (Kos/Funk Bush hating Clone)
Okie Funk (Moonbat College Professor teaches Bush hating at UCO)
JMBzine (Traitor chasing lawyer, proudly displays illegal OK Socialist Red Flag)
Center for Conscience (promoting military "objectors" and other traitors)
The Daily Kos Oklahoma? (as listed at with primary posts from Okie Funk and fake Oklahoma bloggers like nanoboy who claims to be writing from OK but his blog says he's in Knoxville TN and other assorted lies)
Photo Tune (Tulsa area Kos type with photo-shop)
10,000 Fists (Claims to be an decide for yourself)
Blue Oklahoma(Kos/moveon/Funk clone with primary posts from Okie Funk)
Mahatma X
( You probably haven't seen hatred like this, if anyone can challenge Okie Funk... it's this guy)

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Blogger Dave said...

I know this is a stupid question but what exactly is a moonbat? Also is this a term that you coined Red?

9:15 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

no, I can't take credit for that...
I did coin the phrase Christianists and Christianism for the church of Woody Guthrie-ism and the new Christian left.(for what thats worth) and the phrase "Governor Brad "Pinwheels for Peace" Henry... lol

You might visit "Bucky The Moonbat Slayer" for a more definitive definition... but here's how I use it.

BTW- You aren't a moonbat and I disagree with you on lots of stuff, so that has nothing to do with it.

I use it as almost a term of endearment... of sorts, in that it's about the nicest word I can think of for the most despicable individuals on the planet... politically speaking in this case.

The ultimate moonbat is a college professor that uses his influence over young students to indoctrinate them into America hating beliefs based on a skewed view of the world.(Socialist, communist, fascists or anarchist)... but can also include those who try to influence others (by way of blogging etc) in the same manner.

Insanity, lunacy and outright lying certainly play a role... but generally speaking, anyone with Bush Derangement Disorder or that sees aliens from outer space but can't see aliens sneaking across the border... claims Bush planned and executed the 9/11 attacks while claiming he is also the dumbest man in existence... claims alGore won the 2000 election (7 yrs later) in spite of the fact he didn't win the 2000 election... you get the idea?

Tin foil hat wearing nutjobs.

If you can think of a better name for 'em... I'm all ears (no wait, that's Kucinich). lol

10:05 PM  

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