Saturday, November 10, 2007

What Planet Are These People On?

If you haven't voted (lately) in the 2007 Oklahoma Worst Blog of the Year competition, we are winding down to the final weeks and some of the competitors have 'left the planet'.
Maybe they are what Dennis Kucinich claims he saw.

On Veterans Day weekend, when the rest of the free world is thanking our veterans and enjoying the wonderful freedoms and great life they have provided for us... Bloggers like Sooner Thought head off to planet Gloomandoom, or Okie Funk's planet 'OhtheOurtrage', Mahatma's 'Planet X' or Kittenstomper's planet 'URAracist'.

First is SoonerneverhadaThought, who rarely posts an original thought of his own, again posts someone else's essay on how...
"Historians in the future will debate at what point in time the United States started its descent from a world symbol of prosperity and freedom to a crumbling, divided military power intimidating other nations with its imperialistic prerogatives."
(quote used for educational and informational purposes only-source at soonerthoughtless blog)

The author of the piece reprinted by SoonerneverhadaThought, went on to his assertions that America had tried to win the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people by carpet bombing them.
Nice... and yet these moonbats wonder how in the world we could think they hate the military...happy veterans day to you two...too. Morons.
I hope a veteran never has to look upon the despicable faces of either of you.

Meanwhile, Okie Funk... (at least he posts his OWN words, moonbatty though they are) heads off to planet Oh-Theoutrage, over a new proposed followup bill to HR1804 that Doc Kurt claims does nothing but create racism and hatred.
"Our new laws solve nothing on a larger scale when it comes to the millions of undocumented workers in this country. Meanwhile, the new laws make the state seem intolerant and unwelcoming."
Sorry DocHoc/Kurt, our new laws have solved a great deal in Oklahoma where they were designed to solve problems... HR1804 never claimed to solve the national problem with the border but instead showed other states that they too have control over what goes on within each state's border. Illegals are leaving Oklahoma on their own, without anyone hating them or even telling them. HR 1804 was working even before it became law a little over a week ago.

While Okie Funk (dochoc/kurt) is wrong about nearly everything he posts... at least it's an original thought (in most cases) SoonerneverhadaThought however, almost NEVER posts his own words but generally, by and large, posts OTHER peoples thoughts along with a not so clever phrase like Great post by: etc. etc as in "see I was right", or "I agree".
Now that's some clever blogging folks...(not) zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mahatma X Files- I encourage you to put on your tinfoil hat and stop by briefly.... pretty dark scary stuff that makes no mention of thanking any veterans... thats for sure... I'll just call this one "Planet X".

Longshot Update: Kittenstomper has obviously been over to Okie Funk's blob, got outraged and ran back to his blob to post about the racist immigration law in Oklahoma... "ohhh the outrage" at planet "URAracist".
Unfortunately (and perhaps ironically) he used an image of native Americans holding US military weapons and American made rifles titled "Homeland Security" and talks about the racism of sending illegals home because of them being "of questionable pigmentation".
Hmmmm, kittenstomper must have missed that day of school where they talked about the Mexican American War... and how native Americans had been fighting against the Mexican army for decades prior... defending the border and many Apache and Navajo joined in the fight against Mexico.

So, apparently Native Americans (of "questionable pigmentation"?) are racist against Mexicans because of their skin color. However history tells us that Native Americans were fighting the Mexicans over border issues even before the white man came along.
Brilliant Moonbattery at it's finest. Well played kittenstomper, well played. lol

Why is it that those who run around calling everyone else a racist usually turn out to by the only racist around?

My vote this week will go to whichever one of these copycats sees this post and scrambles to be the first to get a "veterans day" post up quickest, in order to cover their tracks and "support the troops".

Too many choices and not enough time... ahhh the life of moonbat hunting.

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Blogger Red S Tater said...

For Kittenstomper should he happen by... from the Blog.."My Apache Heritage"

"The name "Apache" means "people of the mountains" and the word Lipan means "warriors of the mountains", a name quite fitting a tribe known for its bravery in battle and its willingness to engage in hostile action rather than avoid it.

The Lipan called themselves "Tindi", which was their native language word for "warriors of the mountains". As much as they fought the Texans who were settling their native lands, the Lipan held a particular hatred for the Mexicans and were a vibrant force against Mexican colonization of Texas, and as often as they fought the Texans, they also allied with them against the Mexican army, often contracting to conduct lightning raids against Mexican troops wherever they found them."

9:10 AM  

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