Friday, November 16, 2007

YOUR democrat Party In Action

Washington D.C.
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From the desk of the former chairman and current ranking member of the Armed Services Committee: 11/15/07-
"The Iraq funding bill passed by Democrats Wednesday night includes one of the most devastating provisions ever passed during a military conflict.

Page four of the bill states "none of the funds ...may be used to deploy any unit to Iraq unless the President has certified in writing to the committee on Appropriations and Armed Services least 15 days in advance of the deployment that the unit is "fully mission capable".

Today, our military operations in Iraq involve dozens of units moving across the Iraq border every 24 hours. These units may be aircraft called from aircraft carriers off the coast, or the airbase at Incirlik, Turkey or special forces, seal or ranger teams, or special explosive teams or any number of other specialized reaction forces.

Thus, the democrat "notify and wait 15 days" provision will, should it become law, endanger our troops in Iraq by prohibiting supportive or reinforcing units from coming to their aid in a timely fashion.

In this war against terrorism, targets are acquired which present only small windows of opportunity, sometimes involving minutes, some involving hours. For the democrat leadership to require a 15 day waiting period for reaction forces is a remarkable disservice to every American in Iraq."
-Duncan Hunter
The bill passed 218-203 (214 dems and 4 reps FOR and 188 reps and 15 dems AGAINST)... yet NOT a word of this in last nights debate.

One question that might have been asked at the democrat debate last night but wasn't... Considering the bill just passed by you all in congress which would put US troops in severe danger, how can Americans ever trust any of you to be the Commander in Chief of that same military?

Just curious...
-red s tater



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democrats are a lying bunch of anti-American scumbags.

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