Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another Oklahoma Blogger Joins Hunter's Rangers

The Local Malcontent Blog - "Total Choctaw, Total American", is the latest local blogger to join "Hunter's Rangers" in support of presidential candidate Duncan Hunter (R) CA, following Tom Tancredo's expected withdrawal from the race today.

Securing our borders and winning the war against radical Islam are the primary issues for Mal, but he sees Hunter as the only true conservative in the Republican field. In fact, a Hunter presidency is our last hope for getting our borders secured at all and he is a true champion for the unborn, the military, the fair tax, fair trade with China, gun ownership and for individual rights.

Many are predicting that Hunter could benefit the most from Tancredo withdrawing from the race as Mike Huckabee is now moving downward in the polls following his brief surge this past month.

An endorsement from Tancredo himself might be all Duncan Hunter needs to break out of the box the media has kept him in thus far. Time will tell.

One thing is for sure, Duncan Hunter is better off with the Local Malcontent on his team.
Welcome aboard my friend!


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Blogger The Localmalcontent said...

Thank you Red-

during the middle of Tancredo's flailing campaign, I began to take serious notice of Duncan Hunter; especially after you informed us all that Hunter is an advocate for the implementation of the Fair Tax.

That, and his toughness on the border fence sold me on Hunter.

O/T, maybe, but the Des Moines Register is reporting Tancredo will support Mr. Romney. [shudder]

2:33 PM  

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