Sunday, December 30, 2007

Duncan Hunter Gets "EXCELLENT" Rating on Immigration

NumbersUSA, an immigration reform group, has issued an updated scorecard grading the Republican presidential candidates on their immigration record. Its president, Roy Beck, argues all candidates have a long way to go, especially in opposing amnesty for illegals.

"Overall these [candidates] are pretty disappointing.
Now that Rep. Tom Tancredo has dropped out of the race, only two candidates are left who have vigorous and thorough enough opposition to amnesty to warrant an 'excellent' rating," Mr. Beck explained.

Only two Republicans remain in the "excellent" category:
Duncan Hunter
and Fred Thompson.

"Ron Paul still gets a 'good' rating and could get an 'excellent' if he would make clear how he plans to handle the illegal aliens here if they don't get an amnesty," explained Mr. Beck.

"[Mitt] Romney and [Mike] Huckabee were earning themselves a 'good' rating just a couple of weeks ago. But both went on national TV and hemmed and hawed around amnesty questions, thoroughly confusing their message," stated Mr. Beck, who reduced both of them to "fair."

Over the course of the campaign, Mr. Romney has been criticized for twice employing a landscaper who used illegal immigrants as workers, and Mr. Huckabee has come under fire for supporting tuition aid for illegal immigrants.

Rudy Giuliani and John McCain are in the "bad" category, though Mr. McCain has improved from his previous ranking of "abysmal," where all the Democrat candidates reside.

While not endorsing any candidate, Mr. Beck contends the Democrats are "dancing around" the issue of amnesty, thus "putting themselves at a severe disadvantage to win the fall general election."

The scorecard also addressed other immigration-related issues, such as mandatory workplace verification, increased security at the border and ending sanctuary cities.


Duncan Hunter is the author of the Border Fence Act and is called "The Father of the Border Fence".
His initial construction of the double 15' tall fence which was built near San Diego CA stopped illegal immigration into San Diego by 90% and reduced crime by OVER 50%.
If elected, Hunter has promised to complete the 856 miles of BORDER FENCE in just 6 months.

Quote: "If you can get over my fence, we'll sign you up for the Olympics" - Duncan Hunter



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