Monday, December 17, 2007

Duncan Hunter Gets Highest Rating From "God"

Thanks to ‘Ohio for Duncan Hunter’ for posting this:

Duncan Hunter Is The Only Candidate To Get An “A” Rating From God Voter!

Current Status: Congressman Duncan Hunter has shared his Christian testimony.

While we don’t agree with all of his opinions, we were impressed with the majority of them and particularly impressed with his candor and courage (e.g., see his answer to question 9).

We knew very little about this Congressman from California until receiving his answers, which made us take another look. Frankly, we liked what we found, including the following:

He walks his talk. His pro-life, anti-embryonic stem cell research, anti-pornography, anti-illegal immigration and pro-strong defense positions are backed by the bills he authored, the border fence he built, his service as an Army Ranger in Vietnam and his own son having served in Iraq and Afghanistan as a US Marine.

Congressman Hunter, who has been married to one wife, is a Christian who testifies about the Lord when asked, has been re-elected six times, has gravitas, and his tenure as the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee should be useful to leading a nation fighting two wars.

Why isn’t Congressman Hunter doing better in the polls?

The main reason may be most people knowing as little about him as we knew prior to receiving his answers, simplistically as the “border guy” from a border area. We think the problem is exposure, not quality. In terms of the latter, he is the strongest candidate in the field.

Congressman Hunter, we thank you for your Christ-honoring testimony, congratulate you on your candidacy, and strongly encourage you and your staff to remain in the race to the end. We want you to win the Presidency. But even if you don’t, we think the Lord will be pleased with a candidate who ran the race focused on Him instead of the poll numbers.

Our rating for Congressman Hunter as the next President of the United States is an A.

Please click here or on Congressman Hunter’s photo above to visit his campaign website.

Hunter’s Answers

1. Are you a Christian?

Congressman Hunter: “Yes!”

2. When and how did you become a Christian?

Congressman Hunter: “I was sixteen years old.”

3. How has becoming Christian changed you?

Congressman Hunter: “Being Christian has given me the foundation to living with divine purpose.”

4. How would you define and describe your relationship with Jesus today?

Congressman Hunter: “My total dependence is knowing the Lord and walking with Him daily.”

5. In the past 12 months, how many hours have you read the bible per week?

Congressman Hunter: “I read my Bible consistently. There are scriptures that I quote daily.”

6. Which gift has the Holy Spirit given you, and what fruits has it borne?

Congressman Hunter: “My leadership skills of patience and humility are from the Holy Spirit.”

7. What has been your greatest failure as a Christian?

Congressman Hunter: “Spending more time in knowing Him.”

8. What is the greatest challenge you face today as a Christian?

Congressman Hunter: “Honoring the Lord in all that I do as a leader.”

9. If you had to choose between God and country, which would you choose?

Congressman Hunter: “By choosing the Lord, I honor my country.”

10. Whom do you think Jesus wants as our next President, and why?

Congressman Hunter: “The Lord has led me to be a part of the 2008 Presidential Race.”

11. Do you believe Jesus to be God or the Son of God? [discuss]

Congressman Hunter: “Jesus is Lord!”

12. Do you believe Jesus was born to a virgin, died and rose from the dead? [discuss]

Congressman Hunter: “Yes!”

13. Do you believe Jesus ascended to the Father and will return riding on clouds? [discuss]

Congressman Hunter: “Yes!”

(Note: Congressman Hunter responded as above to a version of question 13 that had been altered by him or his staff to omit the phrase, “riding on clouds.” )

14. Do you believe the bread & wine turn into Jesus’ flesh & blood when blessed? [discuss]

Congressman Hunter: “The bread & the wine are symbols of what Jesus did for us.”

15. Do you believe that Jesus and Satan were once brothers? [discuss]

Congressman Hunter: “No.”

16.Do you believe heaven and hell are places that really exist? [discuss]

Congressman Hunter: “Yes.”

17. Do you believe only those who obey Jesus as their master will go to heaven? [discuss]

Congressman Hunter: “Yes.”

18. Which books do you believe to have been inspired by God and without error? [discuss]

Congressman Hunter: “The Bible is God’s Word.”

19. Which passage(s) from those books troubles you, and how do you deal with it?

Congressman Hunter: “I honor the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.”

20. The beliefs of which Christian leader alive today resembles your beliefs?

Congressman Hunter: “Dr. Billy Graham.”

21. What is your position on a Constitutional ban on abortion, and why? [discuss]

Congressman Hunter: “I support a Constitutional ban on abortion, because I have authored the law, ‘Life Begins at Conception’.”

22. What is your position on a Constitutional ban on same sex marriage, and why? [discuss]

Congressman Hunter: “I support a Constitutional ban, because marriage is between a man and woman.”

23. What is your position on embryonic stem cell research, and why? [discuss]

Congressman Hunter: “I am opposed to stem cell research because of my bill, “Life Begins at Conception.”

24. What is your position on prayers and bible studies in schools, and why?

Congressman Hunter: “People have the freedom of religion and schools should honor voluntary groups that want to exercise religious freedom.”

25. What is your position on capital punishment, and why? [discuss]

Congressman Hunter: “I do support and honor our American justice system concerning those who take the life of another person.”

26. If elected, the ban on what type of guns, if any, would you support, and why? [discuss]

Congressman Hunter: “I do not support any ban on guns for American citizens. Americans can be regulated and trusted to handle any type of guns.”

27. If elected, what will you do about (Internet) pornography, and how? [discuss]

Congressman Hunter: “I will continue to enforce laws that require the pornography industry and others to protect our children and youth.”

28. If elected, what will you do about the health care system, and how? [discuss]

Congressman Hunter: “Seek ways to provide health care at more affordable cost such as removing barriers from state to state pricing.”

29. If elected, what will you seek to achieve in Iraq and Afghanistan, and how?

[discuss]Hunter: “Our goal is democracy and victory! Stay on the present course we are on and soon American troops will be coming back home.”

30. If elected, what will you seek to achieve in Iran and North Korea, and how? [discuss]

Congressman Hunter: “My goals for Iran and Korea would be a determined elimination of any threat concerning all nuclear programs.”


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