Monday, December 17, 2007

The Duncan Hunter News

Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter is in the news, ...and here's all the news that is the news Duncan Hunter.

Palm Beach Post-12/17/07
Countdown 2008, Meet Duncan Hunter
“I think I’ve got a chance, and that’s what you get in America, you get a chance. And you don’t whine about the odds or the difficulty, you go out and you take your best swing at this thing.”

Today's Raw Story has
"No Time To 'Experiment' With Gays In The Military"-
Duncan Hunter

The Gazette Online 12/17/07
Iowa Caucus
Hunter Lays Claim To The Reagan Mantle

National Review Online answers the question...
Which Candidate Does Mike Huckabee Think Is Best On National Defense?
Hint: It's not Mike Huckabee.

The Conservative Voice
Stephen Andrew Broadhead
An Evening With Duncan Hunter On Healthcare and The Family Doctor.




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