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Origin Of Black Gold, Texas Tea, Debated

Now I'm going to advance a rather radical idea here. I could be wrong, but so could the rest of you. Nobody knows for sure.

It begins with a belief... if you look up the origins of crude oil, you will see that we don't know for sure. All we have is theory(s) and a 'consensus' of opinion (just like global warming). Scientists "believe" that organic material was crushed and heated into inorganic material deep in the earth.

They can extract oil from animals and from plants, but it's not petroleum.
Man has not been able to make petroleum. Refine it, yes... fabricate it, not so much.

What they didn't teach us in school was that there are other scientists around the world who believe that oil didn't come from dinosaurs and plants and they make more sense to me than the plants and dinosaurs theory ever did.

Sure, we can produce less efficient/more expensive alternatives to petroleum from a variety of vegetable oils. But why drive the price of everything we eat up to replace something that may not need replacing in the first place?

There are examples of oil fields replenishing themselves across the globe just like at Eugene Island 330 in the Gulf of Mexico offshore near Louisiana which has been "mysteriously" refilling and producing more oil than was ever expected. The oil appears to be refilling into the huge reservoir from far below near the earths core.

"What captivated scientists, though, was a deep fault in the bottom corner of the computer scan that was gushing oil like a garden hose. "We could see the stream," Dr. Anderson says. "It wasn't even debated that it was happening."

Woods Hole's Dr. Whelan, invited by Dr. Anderson to join the Eugene Island investigation, postulated that superheated methane gas -- a compound that is able to absorb vast amounts of oil -- was carrying crude from a deep source below. The age of the crude pushed through the stream, and its hotter temperature helped support that theory."

Where is the oil coming from then if not from dinosaur blood and plant juice as most scientist theorize?

One theory is that oil is a naturally produced element dating back to the origin of the planet itself by a bacteria living deep underground reacting with hydrocarbons.

In this 2003 story several theories are discussed as to the origins of petroleum and it's ongoing replenishment.

"I don't think anybody's arguing that gas couldn't be generated from the mantle."

Wikipedia has this in Abiogenic Petroleum Origins which is but one of the theories out there.

Dr Gold here in the US has a similar but slightly different explanation.

Okay, let's recap.
Scientists don't know where petroleum originates.
Oilfields are somehow refilling and replenishing their supplies.
Most Scientists agree that it is possible for oil to be created at the earths core as a byproduct of the activity.

Yet the 'consensus' of opinion is that it came from a limited number of dinosaurs and plant life that inhabited the planet eons ago, that somehow all got squished into a bunch of giant underground oceans of oil, but is in limited supply and does not replenish itself.

Other theories say it could not possibly have come from organic material but instead like most other things on this planet has been here from the beginning and is a naturally occurring result of the earths core activity and the carbon cycle from Co2 to rain to sedimentation through the earths crust down to be recycled back into the system and into the oil reservoirs deep below.

Since nobody knows for sure, I believe that like most everything, Oil is part of God's plan for the planet and is not anything man will have significant effect upon. Drill away boys.

Is oil part of the cycle of the planet's activities or smashed dinosaurs converted into the evil end of all life as environmentalists would have you believe?

Makes this whole ethanol scare sound kinda' corny doesn't it?

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Blogger The Localmalcontent said...

Well done, Red! An excellent post on the petroleum replentishment issue. I always thought the notion that petroleum was created by dissolving dinos was nonsense.
What you may have discovered here is the very beginnings of the 'green, global warming' religion.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

To be fair, they say it came from zooplankton and algae more than the dinosaurs nowadays, but not when I was in school they didn't.

Nonetheless, I say that it (oil) is a natural ongoing process as a result of activity of some kind at the earths core and that we are not running dry by any stretch.

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting that a toxic slippery black ooze coming from the fiery bowls of the earth, and having the properties of being deadly and explosively flammable, and which also converts to deadly toxic byproducts makes you think of Godly origins. Additionally, humans rage bloody wars and rationalize murder to take it (breaking at least two Commandants in the doing) sounds like something of Satanic origins to me.

1:06 AM  

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