Friday, December 21, 2007

Person Of The Year, I Second The Motion

Okie Campaigns blog has this absolutely perfect "Person of the Year" post considering what was said in August and September about this man by democrats and the media as a whole and the reality today of just how wrong they all were and just how right this man was.
This man's efforts no doubt have shaped the entire middle east and in fact the world into his vision, under his direction and according to his plan that vision is now virtually a complete reality.
Bravo to Okie Campaigns.


"Let's have an award for someone who has actually made the world a better place. Since January of this year Gen. Petraeus has led the greatest tango whacking mission in history. This has made it possible for Iraqis to take back their lives and start working on a civil society. The incredible change in the security situation was made possible by his strategy of Counter-Insurgency, implemented by our peerless military, and finally the long-awaited Awakening that started in Anbar...

I give you the Person of the Year for those of us who prefer action against evil to bloviation against common sense.


I second the motion Okie C and God Bless ya'.



Blogger The Localmalcontent said...

I will also second that motion. General Petraeus formulated a strategic surge which resulted in only two little things: Routing al Qaeda from Iraq and saving lives of both Amerians and Iraqis.
That's all. Heh.

I nominate Time Magazine as "Distraction from the Truth" of the year. (talk about a landslide vote)

O/T, Red, but do you ever go to the sites,, or to ? Both sites are in need of a kick in the pants, to get them to wake up now. Wait till you see the piece on Andrew Rice there! As a start, pretty good; but in need of constant pressure, added sunlight to his associations.

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