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Top 3 Issues, Who's The Best?

Okay folks, lets get down to the bottom line on this Presidential thing.
The bottom line is the issues and who can get things done.
The top 3 issues of today are...
1- The War
2- Illegal Immigration/the borders
3- Economy/trade/jobs

Let's start with the war.
Who among all of the candidates on BOTH sides of the isle has the best plan and is most qualified to be Commander in Chief of our military during a war?

Don't take my word for it... in July, (just 4 months ago) a 6 person panel comprised of 2 Democrats, 2 Republicans and 2 Independents in Iowa were asked to decide just that.

July 28, 2007
Which Presidential Candidate Has Best Plan For Iraq?
(Iowa)...........Who scored the highest grade from a unique Iowa political panel? asked six undecided voters all from different cities in the state to "grade" the presidential candidates. The registered voters, two Democrats, two Republicans, and two Independents, were given the answer of one question asked to eleven Presidential candidates. WHO-TV said they were giving the panel the "power of the pen" by letting them grade the respondents. In all, eleven Presidential candidates sent their response to the television station.

The candidates were asked one question, the question that the TV station said was on the minds of many Americans: "What do you think will happen when U.S. troops are withdrawn from Iraq, and what is your strategy to deal with what happens afterward?"

The six-person panel reviewed the answers then graded each candidate's response.
California Congressman Duncan Hunter scored the highest with a grade of 2.66 out of a possible 3.0.
Hunter's response was deemed to be the most favorable of the 11 by the panel.

In his response Hunter noted that in Iraq, America is adhering to a process that our nation has followed for the last 60 years to promote democracy and spread freedom throughout the world. The first step, according to Hunter, is that we stand up a free government; then we stand up a military force capable of protecting that government; and lastly, we leave.

Hunter continued that the U.S. forces are currently in the second phase of this three-step process. This phase requires that Iraq's military acquire the operational experience it needs to mature into a force capable of defending the interests of the Iraqi government and its people. Not only is this phase critical to the continued development of the Iraqi military,but it will also determine when U.S. combat forces can begin rotating out from the battlefield and be replaced by Iraqi forces.

Hunter added, as U.S. forces move from the battlefield, it will then be the responsibility of Iraqi military forces to protect Iraq's freely elected government and its people. The Iraqi military is quickly and steadily maturing, and the security responsibility will soon be entirely theirs. With the training and guidance they continue receiving from U.S. forces, the Iraqi military will be capable and have the confidence to confront existing secular militias, foreign fighters, and terrorists.

Hunter concluded, whether or not Iraq's government holds together will be determined by the success of the Iraqi military. Their continued progress indicates it will succeed and Iraq, with its freely elected government,will exist as a friend of the U.S. and not a state sponsor of terrorism for the coming decades.

Democratic contender Joe Biden, and Republican Sam Brownback both scored 2.5, Republican John McCain received a grade of 2.33, and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was given a 2.16. For complete results visit <> .

Duncan Hunter served as an Army Ranger in Vietnam.
His son just returned from his second tour in Iraq as a US Marine.
Hunter is the ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee.

Next, we have Illegal Immigration-
"If you can get over my fence, we'll sign you up for the Olympics"-Duncan Hunter

Referred to as the "Father of the Border Fence", Duncan Hunter has led the way on enforcing immigration laws while securing the border. He built the 11 miles of that fence south of San Diego which cut illegals coming across by 90% into San Diego and reduced crime by nearly 60%!
No other candidate comes close to matching Duncan Hunter's record on illegal immigration- period.

Duncan Hunter is the ONLY candidate working to immediately stop China (and the rest of the world) from cheating on trade and is a sponsor of the Fair Trade Agreement which will help America's economy grow and create American jobs in America.
Duncan Hunter is rated as pro-growth and pro-family.
He is a sponsor of the FAIR TAX.
Has a perfect rating from the NRA
Is PRO-LIFE and always has been.
He only has one wife and always has.

He is the one true "Reagan conservative" in the entire field of presidential candidates... the Missouri Republican Assembly said he represents "The Republican Wing of the Republican Party"...what else do you need to know, before realizing that Duncan Hunter is the best qualified candidate to run this country for the next 8 years...period.

If your still not convinced... (From Hunter's Rangers)

Why we Stand With Congressman Duncan Hunter! Well said and Thank You Pissant!

  • No one has done more for the military and wounded vets than Duncan Hunter!
  • No one but Duncan Hunter is more staunchly pro-life -introducing a bill year after year to give the unborn 14th amendment protection.
  • Not one of the candidates running for President in 2008 is more pro gun than Duncan Hunter.
  • No one is more pro tax cuts than Duncan Hunter.
  • Duncan Hunter has been THE #1 driver of missile defense systems since Reagan retired.
  • No one has beat the hell out of the EPA and the ACLU like Duncan Hunter has over the last two decades.

Consider this:

  • Duncan Hunter was the ONLY one to call for Harry Reid’s resignation for his “we lost” comments.
  • Duncan Hunter was the only one to go to the national media and slap down Nancy Pelosi’s idiotic idea of a "15-day ‘Pelosi waiting period,’” for rotating troops into battle.
  • Duncan Hunter was the ONLY one to rush headfirst into defending Gen Peter Pace’s “homosexuality is incompatable” with the military comments that the MSM and democrats were screaming about - he wrote a big piece in the USA Today standing by those comments.
  • Duncan Hunter is the only one I’m aware of that wants to get rid of Don't Ask Don't Tell and go back to a total ban on gays in the military.
  • Duncan Hunter is the only one other than John McCain to volunteer for combat duty in Vietnam - real combat duty.
  • Duncan Hunter is the man that Ronald Reagan sent to Europe to bring them on board with Strategic Defense Initiative—and he succeeded (exceedingly controversial at the time).

    There is only one reason that Guantanamo Bay is still open- his name is Duncan Hunter.
    There is a primary reason that Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compean cases have kept a high profile - Duncan Hunter. There is only one reason we have enough miltary transport hauling capability- Duncan Hunter. There is only one guy who went after CNN to get them tossed out of Iraq for airing enemy propaganda - Duncan Hunter. There was only one reason that Rumsfeld was not able to proceed on reductions in the size of the Army - Duncan Hunter. There is only one reason that President Bush finally agreed to INCREASE the size of the Army and Marine Corps - Duncan Hunter. There is only one reason that the NAFTA efforts of Mexican trucks all over our highways is being halted - Duncan Hunter. And there is only one man that scares China and Iran - Duncan Hunter. There is one man who slapped the ACLU and saved the Mount Soledad Cross - Duncan Hunter. And there was only one politicain to speak at the Eagle Forum sponsored anti-North America Union summit - Duncan Hunter. And ONLY one guy who reversed the Military’s Political Correct policy of not allowing prayers that mention Jesus Christ - you guessed it - Duncan Hunter.

  • Duncan Hunter is the ONLY candidate that is deadly serious about not giving up a shred of sovereignty to international and supra national bodies.

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