Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Upset In The Making?

From Spank That Donkey Blog via Grassrevolt...

Hunter-Tancredo-Keyes- Fourth in Real Clear Polls
Well one thing is dead on certain, and the MSM wouldn’t let it slip from their lips…. Rep. Hunter, Rep. Tancredo, and Alan Keyes could be 13.7% or fourth nationally among the Republican Candidates…. according to this Real Clear Politics (RCP Caucus/Primary average) Poll.

Guiliani 22.5 Huckabee 20.1 Romney 15.4 McCain 12.4 Thompson 11 and Paul 4.9 which equals 86.3%

Logically this leaves Hunter, Tancredo and Keyes at 13.7% , but that would also include undecided. However, what if these bottom three candidates chose one among themselves to get behind, and tried to derail the ever issue changing, explaining, & dancing front runners? What if the voters at that point, had a clearly Conservative candidate to choose from?

Undoubtedly if they met and decided today to that Rep. Tancredo and Alan Keyes would drop out of the race and throw through their support and campaign resources behind Rep. Duncan Hunter how much of the 13.7 % would he capture? I would think he would also pull support away from the front runners also, making up for the truly undecided vote, because many of them just can’t bring themselves to back the ‘wiggly’ Conservative front runners, or the hopelessly down in polls 2nd tier candidates, “Who Just Can’t Win”.

These three have got some soul searching to do because it is just a matter of weeks, before the primaries and caucuses begin.

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(Spank That Donkey editor’s note: If conservatism is to survive, two of these candidates need to drop out and unite behind the other. Who has the most experience, the strongest record for getting things done, the most national security ability, and the most electability? Duncan Hunter is the obvious choice. While I love Tom Tancredo and Alan Keyes, and would consider supporting either of them if Hunter were not around, perhaps we all need to suggest to them to become involved in Congressman Hunter’s campaign so conservatism can win. I think both of them would consider it because they are REAL conservatives, and PRINCIPLED, UPSTANDING men instead of being just ‘politicians’. They care about the cause, and not about themselves.



Blogger The Localmalcontent said...

Love that suggestion in the Ed. note: Three candidates pulling for Hunter.
Because widespread word out today, is that Tancredo is dropping out tomorrow.

But Tancredo and Keyes could canvas for Hunter, and that might be all it takes.

9:38 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

I know Tanc was your guy and I love him too... but among all of the candidates that could drop out, Tanc helps Hunter the most IMHO since the tancredo supporters were border enforcers primarily.

10:00 PM  

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