Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ancient Democrat Party Platform Template Uncovered

This is too funny.
In 1965, a rock band was formed called 'Ten Years After', which they considered to be the birth of Rock and Roll in 1955. They released the song "I'd Love To Change The World" in 1971 during the Viet Nam War. Everytime you hear "I'd Love to Change the World", think of the Democrat Party and then remember the next line... "but I don't know what to do", (and since they can't come to a decision)...."so I'll leave it up to you".
Over 35 years later and liberals on the left are still singing the same old tune. They know what they don't like, but have no clue what to do about it except promises to fix 'it' by raising taxes, growing the government and raising taxes.
35 years later and they haven't solved a single thing according to the democrat candidates who are singing the same old tune. I remember it well and it is a catchy tune for sure. Alvin Lee was considered one of the best guitar players of the time.

Id Love To Change The World Lyrics

The original song on youtube, with lyrics performed and Written by Alvin Lee and Ten Years After.

How funny, times don't really change sometimes and neither do politicians.



Blogger Bill Baker said...

The problem is that people are to stupid to actually research and figure this out. Most people just watch their main stream media and like what the person looks like.


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