Thursday, January 31, 2008

Border Fence Update

Thursday, 31 January 2008


PHOENIX, AZ —The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) calls upon our Washington lawmakers to follow Congressman Duncan Hunter’s leadership by reinstating the funding for construction of the double-layered border fence along our Southern border with Mexico that Congress stripped from the budget of the Homeland Security Department last month. MCDC praises Congressman Hunter’s introduction of H.R. 5124 and demands President Bush set the national policy priorities in his last State of the Union that will compel Congress to implement the 2008 Minuteman Border Security Agenda, in order to protect America from the worsening illegal alien invasion—before Congress takes action on any other policy issues this year.

“Congressman Hunter’s legislation is an important government initiative toward achieving our mission to reduce the number of illegal aliens who, undetected and undeterred, enter this country daily. We hope that it will serve as a motivating reminder to President Bush that he once made the same commitment to the American people,” states Chris Simcox, President of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. “Citizens do not want to live in a country where their government refuses to uphold its constitutional duties to protect its legal inhabitants from an invasion of intruders who seek to exploit our freedom, prosperity and social services as well as undermine our sovereignty and autonomy.”

The 2008 Minuteman Border Security Agenda includes:

1) Restoring the funding of $3 Billion dollars in funding towards the construction of the border fence Congress stripped from the Homeland Security Department’s budget.

2) Posting the National Guard back on the Southern border until the physical border fence is completed and national border security is firmly established.

3) Building all 700 miles of the physical border fence before January 2009.

4) Strengthening the e-verification system through passage of the SAVE ACT (HR 4088)

5) Punishing states who issue driver’s licenses to illegal aliens through passage of S.2334

6) Abolishing the North American Union and the Superhighway through passage of H.Con.Res. 40.

Simcox continues, “In times of economic difficulties, violent crime typically increases. We are seeing heightened ruthlessness among the cartel drug and human traffickers—and the murderous violence directed against our brave U.S. Border Patrol agents out in the field has just cost us the life of yet another fine young lawman. How many more American law officers will have to die because of Washington, D.C.’s fecklessness”?

Minutemen citizen activists will ensure that the President as well as Senators and Congressmen in all states and districts hear from them regarding the 2008 Minuteman Border Security Agenda, which strongly opposes the advocacy of the open borders lobby and the Mexican government, who endorse violations of our American rule of law and the sovereignty of our nation. Members of the border security movement have been demanding our Washington lawmakers take action on these vital issues for several years, and we again remind our elected officials that failure to positively deliver on this agenda will have a negative impact on their re-election prospects this November.

Simcox concludes, “On Monday night, President Bush should demand the completion of the physical border fence before he leaves office, to do his duty to his country, and to attain a national defense legacy for himself with these delivered promises and positive accomplishments. We will be relentless in reminding the Bush administration, House Speaker Pelosi and the U.S. Senate that millions of voters want to make the Minuteman Border Security Agenda a reality in 2008, and are prepared to punish Congress and both major political parties, should they fail to act responsibly in defense of these United States of America.”


Anonymous dannygirl said...

"border security agenda will previal"

I agree Red. I have hope. Living in a northern border state myself, I don't care who of the Rinos, but it won't be Romney, will be President. But, that border fence in going to be built! And I don't even have vote for those Rino Turkeys! So guggle guggle you Turkeys!

So very Christian. Ow!


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