Monday, January 28, 2008


You can pretty much assume that when a politician is talking about change, he's talking about the change in your pocket and how he can get it.

Hillary can't change her skirt-chasing husband, much less politics in Washington, or the healthcare industry, or end all wars, stop poverty etc.

Obama changed from a Muslim educated at a Madrassa into a "Christian" and from a typical liberal democrat into the candidate claiming to be against typical liberal democrats while being endorsed by Ted Kennedy.

Examples of change... Obama is referring to Ronald Reagan as a leader of change and Hillary Clinton is trying to re-write and change history, meanwhile Teddy Kennedy tries to change JKF into Barrack Hussein Osama rama-Obama bama rama. (hicup)
I can't wait till Bill Clinton accuses the Kennedy/Obama bunch of trying to steal his thunder, Bill already being the first black President and all.

What kind of change are the democrats calling for?
Socialism more or less... mostly more.
Combined, the democrat candidates have proposed more spending than was done in all the past wars and more with no way to pay for it... except by using the change in your pocket.

The only plan they have for creating jobs is for everyone to work for the government of course.

From now on, I suggest every time someone uses the word "change", it costs 'em $1.
We can fund the entire government on that alone.
In the mean time, "Brother can you spare a dime?"


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