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FREE or Low Cost Healthcare In OKC Area

Several months ago as a public service, I posted a list (below) of healthcare facilities in the OKC area that provide FREE or low cost medical care to anyone in need.
I also submitted this list at several Oklahoma Blogger sites in their comments section. Not one liberal blogger published the list however including Sooner Thought, Kittenstomper and others.
I again call on all Oklahoma Bloggers to publish this list or provide a link to the list here at Red Stater.

There is a link to the list over in the right sidebar margin just click on the big blue "H" Hospital sign. If you know of anyone who needs medical care and think they have nowhere to go, please refer them to this list or leave a comment in my comments area.

The next time you hear someone say that our healthcare system doesn't take care of the poor and those in need without insurance, send them here. They will be taken care of immediately.

Free or Low-Cost Health Services
in the Oklahoma City Metro

We (OU Medical Center) are just one of many organizations that provide some free or low-cost healthcare services in our community. Here is a list of some of the other organizations that serve the medically needy in the Metro area. This list is provided for your convenience and does not constitute a recommendation of any specific organization or provider. Remember to ALWAYS call first to see if you, or your family member, can qualify and when you can be seen. All of these providers follow business rules regarding who qualifies for their services.

The following may provide one or more services, including: Children’s Services, Dental Care, Eye Care & Glasses, General Care, Medication Assistance, Mental Health Services, or Women’s Services.

Download Printable PDF Version of List

Baptist Mission
(children’s services, general care, women’s services)
2125 Exchange Ave, Oklahoma City | 235-6162

Charity Eye Clinic
(eye care & glasses)
701 NW 8th, Oklahoma City | 236-5212

(children’s services, general care, women’s services)
3815 N Santa Fe, Suite 122, Oklahoma City | 524-8100

Community Action Agency
(eye care & glasses)
1900 NW 10th, Oklahoma City | 232-0199

Community Vision Clinic
(eye care & glasses)
3840 N Lincoln, Oklahoma City | 473-7430

County Pharmacy
(medication assistance)
7401 NE 23rd, Oklahoma City | 713-1893

Good Shepherd Ministries
(children’s services, dental care, general care, women’s services)
222 NW 12th, Oklahoma City | 232-8631

Guild of St. George
(medication assistance)
117 NW 7th, Oklahoma City | 235-3436

Healing Hands Health Care
(children’s services, general care, women’s services)
411 NW 11th, Oklahoma City | 272-0476

Health For Friends
(children’s services, dental care, eye care & glasses, general care, women’s services)
317 E Himes St, Norman | 329-4161

Hope Center Health Clinic
(children’s services, general care, women’s services)
7 N Broadway, Edmond | 348-4680

Hope Community Service
(mental health services)
Oklahoma City | 632-1900

Lion’s Eye Bank
(eye care & glasses)
4123 NW 10th, Oklahoma City | 557-1393 or 947-6540 for glasses

Little Flower Clinic
(children’s services, general care, women’s services)
11th and N. Walker, Oklahoma City | 235-7055

Mary Mahoney Memorial Health Center
(children’s services, general care, women’s services)
12716 NE 36th, Oklahoma City | 769-3301

Medication Assist
(medication assistance)
711 Stanton L Young, #700, Oklahoma City | 228-3200

Ministries of Jesus
(children’s services, general care, women’s services)
3456 S Boulevard, Edmond | 340-7400

Neighborhood Service Organization
(dental care)
614 NE 4th, Oklahoma City | 236-0413

North Care Center – Adults
(mental health services)
1140 N Hudson, Oklahoma City | 272-0660

North Care Center – Children
(mental health services)
NW 50th & Meridian, Oklahoma City | 858-2700

Oklahoma City County Health Department
(children’s services, general care, women’s services)
921 NE 23rd, Oklahoma City | 427-8651

Oklahoma City County Health Department West
(children’s services, women’s services)
4330 NW 10th, Oklahoma City | 419-4150

Oklahoma Community Health Service
(children’s services, dental care, general care, women’s services)
1025 Straka Terrace, Oklahoma City | 632-6688

Olivet Baptist Church
(children’s services, dental care, eye care & glasses, general care, women’s services)
1201 NW 10th, Oklahoma City | 951-2645

Project Woman
(mammograms only - women’s services)
Central Oklahoma | 604-4642

Rx for Oklahoma
(medication assistance)
1125 E Main Street, Norman | 701-8216

St. Charles Catholic Church
(children’s services, general care, women’s services)
5024 N Grove, Oklahoma City | 789-2595

University of Oklahoma School of Dentistry
(dental care)
1201 Stonewall Ave, Oklahoma City | 271-6056

Variety Health Center- Downtown
(prenatal care, family planning)
420 NW 6th, Oklahoma City | 235-6466

Variety Health Center- Lafayette
( pediatrics)
500 SW 44th Oklahoma City /235-6466

Variety Health Center- Mid Del
(prenatal, children’s services, women’s services)
3851 Tinker Diagonal, Del City | 677-1129

Pretty impressive list isn't it?
-red stater

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Blogger JM said...

I'll be glad to post it. The more folks know about available services the better.

As for the "political" side of it, I can testify that these services do the best they can but cannot meet the need that is out there. A couple years ago I was in a heck of a financial pickle and also very sick. I checked with several of the agencies on your list, and yes they could help me, but only after waiting for several weeks, which was too long to wait. I was fortunate enough to have extended family that I could borrow money from to pay a private doctor for assistance, but if I didn't have family I would have been up the creek.

In other words, we should get the word out about these agencies and we should support these agencies, but we also need to be realistic that these agencies probably aren't enough.

6:20 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Sorry Jim, but you are wrong about needing socialized medicine. In fact in countries that have it, the waiting period is the number one complaint by patients.

So if waiting a couple weeks is your concern, government run healthcare will only increase your waiting time no decrease it... as well as reducing the level of care in the process.

Had you needed emergency care you would have received it.

America has the best healthcare in the world and this list is only part of the reason why.

8:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another source, is Rose State Dental Hygiene School provides teeth cleaning for $5.

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As someone who's lived in a country with socialized medicine, Australia, I can tell you that their system worked great! I never met one person who was dissatisfied with their system. The only time you wait for an extended time is for elective surgery, which you generally have in the states even w/ private practitioners, much less govt. assistance. I lived 23 years in the US, going undiagnosed with an immune deficiency. After being in Australia for a few months, they diagnosed what had never even been on the radar screen of the US doctors. The doctors listened to me and actually took a decent medical history. They weren't trying to rush me in and out in order to make the most money, b/c the system isn't about making money, it's about getting people healthy. I took too much time and effort for American doctors, so I went undiagnosed.
As a case manager (someone who links poor people to these services listed) I can testify that they are not even close to sufficient to meeting the needs out there. If you've never actually spent the time trying to help someone find the help they need, don't assume you know what you're talking about. Even w/ the resources at my fingertips I have a hard time linking people with resources b/c each agency operates differently, requiring different forms of ID/proof of need and also only having available funds at undisclosed times in the future. You never know how when or how long a resource will be there.
My point, our system is inefficient, underfunded and inadequate.

12:50 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Nothing against Aussie's but If Australia is so great... and America so inadequate... why are you living in America?

Bon Voyage and best of luck to ya'.
America has the best medical system in the world.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Terry (anonymous above) said...

I am an American who was a missionary in Australia. Had to come back to the states b/c of my illness (they don't cover you there unless you're a permanent resident).
Unless you've experienced another health care system, isn't it presumptuous to claim we have the best system? We have a system. If you can afford insurance, and your insurance covers you well enough, yes we have great medical care. But if you have no access to our great medical care b/c of "genetically predisposed" pre-existing conditions (and yes, that's where they got me) health care can be hard to come by.

11:18 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

So... their great healthcare system couldn't handle one foreign visitor when ours currently serves over 12 million illegal aliens in America... nice.

1:03 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

If you read my post and saw the list of free healthcare services available in OKC alone you would not have said "healthcare can be hard to come by."

What do you want... the doctor to make weekly visits to your door to see if you need anything?

Some effort on your part is required, but if you need medical help... and you are an American citizen (or not), you can get it as I illustrated in the post.

1:06 PM  

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