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Obama The Real Liberal, Hunter The Real Conservative

Liberal and Conservative Scores of the Presidential Candidates

Lifted with hat tip from The Dakota Voice Blog:
I knew Obama was liberal, but I don't think I would have believed it until I'd seen it with my own eyes.

National Journal says Barak Obama was the #1 most liberal senator in 2007, while Hillary Clinton came in at a modest 16th. Hillary did improve her liberal score from 2006-2007, coming down from 32nd to 16th. I wonder if Obama will dig Hillary about her low score at the Democratic debate tonight?

The article didn't seem to have a link to the actual 2007 ranking itself, but there was a link to report through 2007.

For 2006, of the congressmen running on the GOP side, it lists Duncan Hunter as most conservative (why wasn't the GOP supporting a real conservative?) at a rating of 84.0, followed by Tom Tancredo at 73.3, then Sam Brownback at 70.3, John McCain lagging far behind at 56.7, and Ron Paul taking up the rear at 39.0.

It was his libertarian views that brought Paul down so low. I appreciate Ron Paul's respect for the Constitution, but libertarianism doesn't equal conservatism, especially with his dangerous position on Iraq and the war on terrorism.

If you look at the lifetime conservative rankings up to 2006, current front runner McCain improves to 71.8, but still considerably below the 82.5 lifetime conservative rating of Duncan Hunter.

McCain's conservative score is interesting to watch. It drops from the 80s in the 1980s to dip a little in most of the 90s, but then around 1998-1999-2000 (when he became a media darling), he dips down into the 60s and 50s and keeps dropping.

McCain's a conservative, huh? Go pull my other leg, now.



Blogger The Protestant Stand said...

You are so loyal to Hunter, God Bless you Redstater. Who knows?


5:17 PM  
Blogger The Protestant Stand said...

So, what do you think Red? I love love the guy, Duncan Hunter. But, I don't think Mike Huckabee was worthy of any endorsement. Hunter was wrong in this one. Huckabee is total sell out. They refused to see the only real Christian Conservative running the race claiming only a name can beat Hilliary Clinton. So, what's Obama? He's a bigger threat than Hillary. No burka for me please. They were to blind and bias. So called Christians could not spot, a real Christian unless he has rich friends or Baptist University degree. Hunter was a man for the common man. The real MrAmerican. A true conservative.

So, now look, what we got. John Mc Cain or Romeny. Whether it's Democrate or suedo Republican, it is all bad. Yikes!


4:53 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Good find Red.

6:26 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

hey danny, great to hear from ya' I too am thinking different ways of going.
I sure don't want McCain to get Oklahoma's delegates and the one with the best chance of beating McCain here in Oklahoma is (gulp) ...Huckabee. Though at this point if choosing only between Mitt, McCain and Huckabee overall, I gotta go with Mitt.
So by a strange twist I could help Mitt most by voting for Huckabee...

I still wouldn't mind seeing a brokered convention.

3:42 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Hi dave, yeah even the msm talked about Obama being the most liberal but only really looked at McCain and Mitt without talking about the guy with the "best" conservative ratings score.

3:45 PM  
Blogger The Protestant Stand said...

Gee Red,

Mitt is more dangerous like Hillary and Obama. Huckabee may develop a conscious and change. But, Mitt is a sociopath. He has no conscious. He will sell us out to China. He is lying. He is globalist too. He cuddle the illgal Aliens in his state too.

I was wrong. I should not have said it. Huckabee would better than nothing. I saw him today crediting Duncan Hunter for his endorsement. He said Duncan Hunter was true Consevative. And he did sign some immmigration pledge. So, I'm hoping for the best. Maybe Huckabee will choose Hunter in his Adminstration. Maybe even VP.

Red, I love ya, but I'd never vote for Romeny. If it's Huckabee, then atleast he has a fear of God, and I'm sure we'll see Hunter again. Hunter and Huckabee believe in Yahweh/Jehovah God. Romney worships money homosexuals, and abortion,and the mormon god. To each his own

God Bless


4:30 PM  
Blogger The Protestant Stand said...

Hi Red,

This a email I sent Janet Foldger november 5, 2007

My name is ***** *****. I live in New York. I called on your program twice. I've written you angry email. I want apologize for the rude way I may have wriiten to you. I still don't agree that "sons of Jesse" stuff. Why didn't christians know to pick the former Baptist Pastor from the start? It should of been the given. It was not that hard to begin with. In the beginning Huckabee reminded everyone how hypocritical it was to pick a man like Giuliani or Thompson because of there divorces and be still be offended by Bill Clinton.

I was opposed to Mike Huckabee because of his position on Immigration and the free trade SPP is destroying our nation. He was my first choice since last year. Actually since the aftermath of Katrina. I prayed this far back that he would run for president. I actually prayed that he would enter the presidential race. I was glad when he did.

But then I heard about his record on immigration. How he allowed illegals to get welfare benefits in his state and how charged racism when there was repeated cries to shut the borders. His own statements on immigration on his web page.

So I'm not as smitten with him as I was in the beginning. In fact. I lose hope altogether. The Church is not right. Tony Perkins Dr. Dobson would back Romney? There are no "who's who" in Christianity. We are supposed to be one in Christ Jesus.The Church chickening out on third party because of fear of wicked woman. Saying "we can't win." Shameful. How can we tell others about Christ if we react in fear after taking such a long time to make a decision? I don't get it.

But If Huckabee got the nomination. I'd vote for him. There no one else. Besides he's a likable guy. but I am disillusioned. It's time to be like Nehemiah and say to God. "Will it be good for me in my life time." because no one is right. Christian elitism. Shameful. I have no reason to listen to VCYAmerica or Faith to Action anymore. no ones goin anything but complain and talk. No love of a brother. I'm wholly disillusioned. But I will never stop looking to the Lord.

I liked Duncan Hunter. But I don't really know him. How can we really know a man until he gets in the white House. George Bush. I still like Hunter more than Huckabee. But If Huckabee is the Choice. I guess God is the one who made it.

Please forgive me for the rude way in which I spoke.

God Bless and God Help us on the on SPP North American Union and illegal immigrant situation.

***** ***** *****

4:46 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

I'm feelin' your pain danny.

4:56 PM  
Anonymous AjntB2Sli said...

"the late great USA". Read the book. The end of America is at hand. Regardless of what party nominee wins! Oh, how I wish Duncan Hunter would have had more traction in his campaign. I just heard Michael Savage talk about the very same issues Hunter was talking about. It's a fixed election. You have no vote, much less a voice!!!

8:28 PM  

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