Monday, January 28, 2008

Red S Tater New technology Same Common Sense

Old computer blew up, crashed, gave up the ghost, quit, was destroyed by a trojan virus, was destroyed by the vast leftwing conspiracy, was destroyed by terrorist hackers, it was Bush's fault got too old.

Within like 24hrs, my brother had me loaded in his car headed to the electronics store to get me a new computer. He works for a living like everyone else. He doesn't have piles of cash lying around, but there we were buying me a computer, no argument allowed... he is my big brother after all.
No words can express the thanks ... I love ya' brother. You know who you are!
New HP computer fast, powerful, vista, big clear picture, freekin' awesome.

Moonbats beware.
He's back before they knew he was gone.




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