Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kneejerk of the Decade- NHRA

In the "kneejerk reaction of the decade", the National Hot Rod Assn. shortened the length of the quarter mile following the tragic death of Funnycar driver Scott Kalitta a few weeks ago.

Less than half dozen professional drag racers have been killed while racing over the past decade yet over 30 football players have died on the field in the same time period. NHRA's decision to shorten the tracks that have plenty of shutdown area is akin to the NFL declaring that all games are going to be 3 quarters instead of 4 to reduce injuries and deaths in that sport.

This would of course be idiotic, just as is the move by the National Warm Rod Assn. is idiotic.

If they race long enough at 1,000 feet (instead of 1,320) then someone will eventually be killed at that distance... so they will shorten the track to 1/8th mile (660feet) and when someone dies at that distance... reduce the track to 330 feet... and when someone gets hurt or dies at that distance reduce the races to 60'.... and when a car blows up on the starting line and injures several crewmembers, then we go to ... BENCH RACING.

BRING BACK Quarter Mile Drag Racing and in the meantime BOYCOTT the "Shut-Em Off Early Nationals" when they come to your town.

That ain't racin'....

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