Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Whiners Blame Greed, Shun Personal Responsibility

Guest Editorial by Rocky Mtn Red Stater:
22 years old, but very wise for his years...

In response to opposition to this article which went around the internet recently...

I agree that the dissenters of this country are mostly angry about greed.
However greed is a two way street. Without it, society has no drive to excel and succeed. Would America even exist without the greed of the West India Trading company or the greed of the"manifest destiny" policy of our early nation?
But in the other direction, greed causes over inflation and the undermining of basic human morals for the individual gain. However capitalistic greed is an easy scapegoat for today's problems.
It is arguable which begets which, but I feel that greed is a symptom of a deeper problem...No one in this country enacts personal responsibility anymore. How much do frivolous lawsuits drive up the urge for corporations to horde profits? How much money in welfare checks does this country piss away to drug addicts because its an easy route to pleasing the poor and uneducated? How many pisspoor presidential nominees have there been because we are more concerned with image rather than message?
I would debate that corporations and government are no greedier than they have ever been, and as such we've grown to the most powerful nation in world history. This is why the Marxist hate capitalism so much, they want a utopia free from greed. This is also why communism doesn't work, no doctor wants to be paid about as much as a garbage man. Essentially, capitalism is maintained by greed, and you cannot chip away at the gears of capitalism without bringing down the structure of our nation with it. A greedy government is a given, but the beauty of capitalism is we spread the greed out amongst many, rather than one ultra greedy dictator.
Imagine the gas non-crisis if Americans quit crying about gas prices and actually realized that it isn't that expensive, its actually about right given inflation, and we've even recently raised minimum wage to account for that. How many people do you hear whining about paying $150 for a gallon of aquafina distilled TAP WATER? Or even much much more than that for starbucks coffee? But no, gas is too expensive, we need an alternative NOW...so lets stop using our limited agricultural land for food and start growing less efficient fuel. Or better yet, go buy a hybrid and plug it into a coal factory at night. Fact is there is nothing more efficient than petroleum fuels and nuclear fuels and both of those haven't been allowed to grow in this country for the last 30 years, and we now wonder why gas is inflating so much when we purposely made ourselves dependant on imported oil?
Outsourcing is another lack of responsibility based greedy action. Corporations are pressured by dissenters, unions, lawsuits and lawyers to conduct their business all while having to never offend or oppress anyone and be green while doing it. So of course the companies reaction is to outsource for ease of business. But what if both sides took responsibility and compromised towards the greater good?
I've begun to ramble so I will make my final point. I will agree with you that greed doesn't always, or even usually, work towards the benefit of this nation, and those in power seem to be greedier than in the past. Where I differ however is I do not put the blame of this fact on the government and the corporations. They're supposed to be greedy.
So I will say I am in the group who isn't so much upset with the direction of this country, but more I am disgusted at the direction of my fellow countrymen.
Take responsibility for your own actions America, and the rest of the free world for that matter! That in my opinion is the first pin in the domino effect.
-Rocky Mtn Red JR

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