Saturday, September 20, 2008

America: The World's Last Hope

This is what we're up against.
Like it or not, admit it or not.
If you don't understand this one simple thing, you might think America is to blame for all the worlds problems, when in fact America is the world's last best hope for freedom, for the world and for future generations worldwide.

We have a choice to make.
We can pretend it doesn't exist...
We can just ignore it and hope it doesn't exist...
We can say it exists and say there is nothing we can do about it...
We can say it exists and it's our fault...
All of the above positions ends in the defeat and destruction of America and the loss of everything this country was founded on.
We can pull together and recognize it exists, fight it at every turn and win.

Failing to act is acting to fail.

The leader of Hamas (and other radical Islamic leaders and enemies of the US) has endorsed only one candidate for President of the United States and urges all muslims to vote for that candidate.
No, I'm not accusing that candidate of being a muslim radical,... but it is a fact that he is praised and supported by several radical Islamic leaders and that's NOT a good thing folks.

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