Thursday, September 18, 2008

Biden Over-Under On Gaffe's Is One Per Week

Jihad Joe Biden just keeps the gaffe's and dumb statements coming. Yesterday he said that "we are going to TAKE money from you..." and that paying higher taxes is "patriotic". lol

It's a good thing he wasn't at a certain tea party in the Boston harbor a few hundred years ago trying to make that claim. Biden was also failing to mention that any American that wants to give MORE in taxes to the Federal Government can do so... of course Biden doesn't. Joe Biden apparently doesn't believe in giving HIS money to charity either, having only donated an average of just over $300 per yer of his well-over $300,000.00 annual take from our taxes in salary.

Keep 'em coming Joe, we know you've got a lot more dumb statements in the pipeline.

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