Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bucky Battle's Food-Nazi Moonbats

Leftist Food Fascism
From Bucky The Moonbat Slayer Blog...
"I had been hearing about all the MoonBat nutrition policies liberals are forcing upon the country's school systems over the years, but it didn't hit home until just recently, when I wanted to send a couple of cookies with my son to school in his back pack one day.

Now mind you, I don't let him eat anything he wants -- I moderate his food choices like any other parent, but just this once I wanted to be nice and give him a couple cookies as reward for some chores he did well the previous day.
Nothing doing.
My wife stopped me and told me about all the nutrition policies that had been forced onto the school district by the Food Nazi Lobby.
My son cannot even have cookies within the privacy of his own napsack. They would be treated as contraband, the same as drugs. Even further, they no longer are allowed cakes and cookies for holiday parties.
The cafeteria serves nothing for desert except fruit.

I have nothing against healthy eating, but I do have a problem with people who decide for me what I can and can't eat.
It is not government's role to dictate my dinnerplate, nor is it any of their business.

We're allowed to kill children in the womb, but we're not allowed to give them cookies at school?
WTF kind of logic is that?
We tolerate alchohol and tobacco and all the damage they cause, but we crusade against candy bars in high school vending machines?
Gimme a break.
Every time I go to my child's school to do something for him, guess what I see?
Hairy lipped femi-nazi's with huge doughnut thighs, and P.E. coaches with thunderous beer bellies. The day my son's teachers all loose 30 pounds each will be the day I care for any of their food fascism.
What about the legislators who pass this nonsense? Just watch C-Span. You'll see them in all their middle aged, porcine glory, bellies hanging over the lectern.
Now is the time for Libertarian minded Republicans to wake up and see all the Leftist techniques of gradually encroaching big government through the back door, over things we don't give much thought over."


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