Sunday, September 28, 2008

Conservatives Defending America On Multiple Fronts

It's not easy being a Republican in office these days.
To do so means you are willing to fight a brutal and bloody war against Al Qaeda and Islamic radicals without support from Democrats or the liberal Democrat controlled media and to also fight a virtual war against socialism and communism which is threatening the foundation on which our entire country is based... needless to say again without support from Democrats who are the socialists and communists in question. To do so means that the press will use every possible tactic and lie to discredit and destroy you like they have tried (and continue) to do to Sarah Palin.

Democrats not only refuse to face head on the threat of Islamic Fascism they embolden it and almost embrace it or seek to treat those who would destroy our country as mere criminals in need of counseling and maybe probation.

Redefine it as you will, progressive, liberal, whatever... it is socialism and communism re-packaged and re-sold as something new and fair.
Income redistrubution and anti-capitalism and endless social programs and government control of healthcare, the auto industry, the airline industry, the housing industry... and now wall street... all steps toward one end.

Voters will go to the polls in a few weeks and we shall see. Will the people rise up again and reward those fighting for our freedom, fighting for democracy, fighting against big government, higher taxes, fight against unlimited expansion of government control and those fighting against the single biggest threat we have faced in decades- Islamic Fascism, Vote Republican and Vote for America. As the Democrats like to say.... "Take Back America".

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