Sunday, September 28, 2008

Obama Math Worse Than Fuzzy

Doesn't anyone have a calculator?
Barack Obama has repeatedly said that he is going to "cut income taxes for 95% of Americans".

Now, this sounds good doesn't it? Unfortunately for Obama it's impossible.
Roughly 95% of Americans are actually paying income tax (roughly a 5% unemployment rate)... okay you say, so he's going to cut taxes for everyone with a job...?

No, he said he's going to RAISE taxes on the top 5% (who are already paying over 90% of the taxes currently) which means that he's going to cut taxes for 90% of working Americans and apparently the 5% that aren't working, which of course is impossible. (you can't lower taxes on those not paying taxes in the first place)

Liberal math strikes again.
Democrat strategery- "Promise 'em anything and take everything from 'em later."



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