Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Obama Radio Ad Misleading and Deceptive on Guns

There is this radio ad for Barack Obama playing regularly here in Denver Colorado that features a retired football player (from another team) endorsing B Hussein O by saying that neither John McCain nor B Obama are going to take anyones gun away and also that Obama is going to stand up to China (but McCain isn't) along with big business.
So that got me to wondering exactly what IS B Hussein's record on gun ownership?
I looked at ontheissues.org and found a very concerning voting record to say the least.

Then I wondered what the nra thought of good gun owner and second ammendment advocate Senator B Hussein Obama...

Your Gun Rights Are in Danger Unless You Register to Vote!

Don’t Wait for Barack Obama to Ban Your Guns – Register to Vote Today!

Barack Obama Has Supported:

A Total Ban on Handguns
A Ban on the Sale or Transfer of All Semi-Auto Firearms
A Ban on Right-to-Carry Permits
A Ban on Firearms Kept in the Home
And More —

“So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them….”
-- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008

Barack Obama has made it clear – he believes gun owners are dangerous and that guns should be banned. If he is elected President, he could name new Supreme Court Justices who will try to overturn the recent court decision and strip our rights away.

Protect your rights. Protecting your rights has never been more important. Register to vote today!

BTW- Duncan Hunter was the ONLY presidential candidate talking about taking on China and the unfair trade agreement, in this race.
Obama taking on China would be about like Jimmah Cawtah taking on... lol, well, anyone ...except Republicans of course... not gonna happen.

That radio ad could not be more misleading and outright false.



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