Sunday, September 14, 2008

SoonerThought Leaks Official Democrat Strategy

In the ultimate gaffe of this election an Oklahoma leftwing blogger has leaked the official Democrat(ic) platform strategy.

From SoonerThought Blog:
"When your party is an abject failure and you have no way of winning on your record or policies, you have to lie about your opponent and try to destroy him" (her).

He even provides a link to a Joe Biden video who goes on and on trying to destroy the credibility of John McCain and the Republican party but says not one word about his and the Democrat party's record or their long list of failed policies by the current least popular congress in history with the fewest accomplishments in history.
No wonder neither Biden nor Obama will talk about their record or their policies. Both dismal failures since 2006 by any measure.
Of course if you been following the downward death spiral the Obama campaign has been taking ever since they went on a "Stalking Sarah" fixation on McCain's running mate Gov. Sarah Palin (AK), then Obama's drop in popularity may come as no surprise.

It must be embarrassing to be reduced to that... and more embarrassing to have been the one blogger to have leaked it. (Consciously or not)



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