Monday, October 20, 2008

Cure For The Common Funk

A local Oklahoma leftwing blogger (and part time college professor) wrote a piece about why Oklahomans should vote for Barack H Obama.

I can answer him very quickly and tell him why Oklahomans WON'T vote for Obama and perhaps end his seemingly endless "funk".

1- Oklahomans know that Obama will downsize the military which could mean elimination of one of the largest (if not THE largest) employer in the state... TAFB thus sending Oklahoma's economy further into the gutter.
John McCain will strengthen and support keeping bases like Tinker open and thriving.

2- Oklahomans know that Obama will raise their taxes AND raise taxes on "the rich" which will get passed on to consumers as it always does and average Oklahomans know they pay TOO MUCH in taxes already.

3- Oklahomans are pretty smart generally speaking and they don't trust Obama as far as they can pick him up and throw him.... as the old saying goes.

4- Oklahomans know that in these dangerous times, we need a man like John McCain that has seen battle, wars and ups as well as downs... a man that we can trust in tough times. A man of the finest character with no questionable ties or hiccups in his background.

UPDATE: (hattip to Mike McCarville) Ohh yeah, and there's that little non-issue called abortion.
Obama never met an abortion he doesn't approve of and John McCain is pro-life.

So... I think you can pretty much forget about it there dochoc or Funk or whatever... Obama didn't fool most Oklahomans. Come to think of it, neither do you.
-red stater


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