Friday, October 24, 2008

Did Biden Cost Obama The Election?

What if Obama loses?

After all, even with the unpopularity of the Bush administration and with the entire news media in the tank for Obama, he should be up by double digits in every poll... yet remains within the margin of error (dead heat), so defeat is a genuine possibility for Democrats and Obama-Biden.

How will they react one must wonder...

Was Joe Biden a bad choice from the start and got worse from there, to a point where he took down the entire campaign?

Who would have thought that it would have been the Hillary Clinton voters that won the election for McCain-Palin... I mean who could have predicted THAT?

Was Obama merely "swift-boated" with his past shady connections and ties to radicals?

Will they put John Murtha out there to call the majority of Americans "racist rednecks"?

Was it the "vast right-wing conspiracy" and the right-wing controlled media's fault?

Was it Bill and Hillary Clinton's fault... couldn't they have done more to help Obama... I mean really?

Was it "Joe the Plumber" that drained the hopes of "the one" from his "rightful place" in history?

OR was it just a bad campaign that wasted too much money attacking Sarah Palin and "never really got their message out"?

Or.. did Karl Rove team up with NBC and the Supreme Court to rig ballots in Florida to just steal another election from Democrats who were in Florida trying to steal the election?

Better start thinking up those excuses early... ya' don't wanna get caught without one just in case.


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