Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gang Of Three Drooling Over Prospect Of Unlimited Power

If John McCain is George W Bush as the Obama camp is claiming, then Barack Obama is Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi all rolled into one big pile.

Imagine for a second that Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have complete and total control of America.... and your life. Unchecked they will certainly raise taxes on everyone that pays taxes and create new nanny-state programs for those that don't pay income taxes (the poor). As Obama said they will "spread the wealth".

Free speech and conservative talk radio will be under constant attack and possibly eliminated through laws like the "fairness doctrine" which is anything but fair.

You will see the most liberal Supreme Court in the history of this country put in place... remember the Supreme Court is a lifetime appointment.

You will see the "Freedom of Choice" act passed and signed which opens up abortion to "anytime, anyplace, any age".

You will see prices go up and the economy go down just like in the Jimmy Carter disaster.

You will see more government takeover, more government control and more government interference in YOUR life, YOUR family and YOUR job.

The "gang of three" could be the worst disaster in American History... if put in power by electing Barack Obama.

Q- What's worse than a do-nothing congress?
A- The Gang of Three.

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