Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe Plumber Gives Obama The "Lead Pipe" Treatment

drip... drip.... drip... Barack Obama may now lose the election because of.... a plumber?

"Joe Plumber" may just be the clog that plugs Obama's chances of getting to the White House.
Americans identify with Joe who is looking to purchase the plumbing company he works for but under Obama's tax plan, Joe (and every other business owner) will take a serious hit.

Those on the left are not sure how to respond to or handle this "Joe Plumber" situation. Some like Sooonerthought exhibit disgust and hatred which I think is probably the real emotion Barack Obama feels for small businesses like Joe's.

Most Democrats are in denial about the fact that average Joe's across the country are going to get their taxes raised if Obama is elected, but it's true.

It's funny... all it took to derail the Obama socialist train to nowhere was a regular average guy that Americans could relate to.

Socialism 101 exposed by Joe Six Pack Plumber.
It doesn't get any better than that "my friends".



Anonymous Sean O said...

Look at the polls and you'll see that the majority of Americans understand that when taxes are cut in one place, they must be raised in another. The fiscal irresponsibility of the Republican
Party is over. Deal with it.

You are living in a fantasy if you really believe that "most average Joes across the country are going to get their taxes raised if Obama is elected." Do you have any data at all to back this up? Or is it just a hunch?

Take a look at income inequality metrics and you'll see that the bottom 95% of the American population makes less than $154,120. Obama will lower taxes for all of those people and more.

Do you really think that repeating McCain's lies that "most people will have their taxes raised" will make it true? As McCain said last night, your argument isn't very convincing.

11:05 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

wrong wrong and wrong again Sean.

First... when needless programs are CUT and government spending is CUT then taxes can be CUT without raising taxes in another area as you claimed.

I agree that the fiscal irresponsibility of the Republican party is over... and also that the all-round (fiscal and otherwise) irresponsibility of the Democrat party is what you should be worried about right now though.

Yes... i have data to back that up- it's called history Sean, look it up. Bill Clinton (D) claimed he would lower taxes too and what did he do? Raised taxes Sean.
Barack Obama has NEVER voted against raising taxes in his short and empty Senate career.... but he has voted FOR raising taxes Sean.

You are the ones living in the fantasy if you think for one minute that a Democrat is going to lower taxes.

Now- I'm glad you brought up the 95% number. Sean, only 65% of Americans pay income tax, so if Obama claims to give a tax break to those not even paying income tax...and you believe it, you are again living in a fantasy.

Speaking of lies Sean, Obama flat out lied when he said he did NOT attend a meeting to launch his political career in Bill Ayers house.

Do YOU really thing that repeating Jimmy Carter's lies (same as Obama's) is going to make Carter a good president?

John McCain is an honorable man, I don't agree with him on all of his stances on certain issues, but he is an honorable and honest man which is far more than you can say about Obama's character.

You're argument is laughable though, thanks for that.

11:31 AM  

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