Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Left Getting Nervous...No, Afraid About Debate

So, do those of you on the left hate Sarah Palin more than you fear Sarah Palin?
Which is it honestly? I know it's probably both, but you must feel one a little bit more than the other.
The Huffington Post is more than afraid... terrified is closer... sure the hatred comes through loud and clear but Paul Abrams and Jeff Niffingersprovide a long laundry list of things Biden needs to do in order to nullify and control Palin's appeal.
He laments... "Hopefully, Joe will avoid his "ladies and gentlemens," will speak in grand principles and not ponderous detail, and will not be shy about holding her accountable. If he does not, Palin will win the debate. Heaven help us."

Considering Biden's consistant ability to gaffe, get off subject, commit plaigerism and outright lie... there is much for democrats to be nervous and afraid about.

Either way, the lefty's are now looking at the real possibility that Sarah Palin will come out of tonight's debate with Jihad Joe even more popular than she already is... and in the process expose Biden and Obama for the politics as usual pair they really are.
Those on the left know the only "change" Obama is talking about is the "change" to him being in the white house, they know that when you take Obama's Chicago style ACORN based corrupt politics combined with career windbag Joe Biden, that is not a recipe for changing the way our government operates or changing the country for the better either.
You won't be able to control or stop her... your only hope is to just contain her.
Say goodnight Joe.

UPDATE: Growing fear on the left... Slate's Dahlia Lithwick writes:
"There is no easy way to tell you this, Joe Biden, but the surest way for Joe Biden to lose a debate against Sarah Palin is by being Joe Biden.
If you are windy, pompous, unctuous, or pushy, you will come across as patronizing and condescending—the guy who puts the "boy" into "old boys' network." If you flirt and smirk and flatter (Did you truly tell an Ohio crowd you thought Palin was "good-looking"? Did you really introduce us to your wife, Jill, by leering that she is "drop-dead gorgeous"?), you're going to sound like the creepy guy in the trench coat at the back of the porn theater."



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