Monday, October 13, 2008

McCain vs Obama: On The Issues

Aside from their backgrounds and difference in character let's focus on the difference between John McCain and Barack Obama on the issues.

The Economy-
John McCain is a fiscally conservative capitalist who will free up tax money in the form of tax breaks to stimulate the economy, create jobs and benefit everyone who pays taxes, from the top to the bottom.

Barack Obama has proposed trillion(s) of dollars of new spending and yet has promised even those who don't currently pay taxes... a big fat tax refund.
Income redistribution is the foundation of Obama's formula for the economy. He believes that by taking money from medium to large companies and giving it to those not currently paying taxes he will fix the economy. In the past, tax increases on businesses are simply passed on to the consumer, a fact Senator Obama doesn't address.

The War Against Radical Islam-
John McCain understands it, came up with the winning formula for Iraq and has the background and experience to handle any situation in the future with confidence.

Barack Obama still doesn't understand what happened in Iraq or why, believes we should have bombed Pakistan and wants to sit down and negotiate the destruction of Israel and the US with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad without pre-conditions... which now Ahmadinejad has rejected and demands his own conditions before any such meeting. Barack Obama has zero military experience and has been wrong on the world issues he has addressed.

John McCain is pro-life and will appoint like minded Judges to the Supreme Court.

Barack Obama is pro- "post-birth abortion", pro- "partial birth abortion" and pro- any other abortion you can think of and will appoint like minded Judges and cabinet members.

2nd Amendment-
John McCain knows what it is and is endorsed by the NRA.

Barack Obama has heard of it... and according to him it seems to be something we Americans cling to, along with our Bibles, in fear because of the economy. The NRA has a warning about Barack Obama on their website that every gun owner should read.

John McCain is no champion for border control, but he does understand that something must be done about illegal immigration.

Barack Obama wants to give illegal aliens free tax-funded health-care and drivers licenses!

John McCain is for lowering taxes across the board to everyone paying taxes.

Barack Obama is for taking from the rich and giving it to the poor government while increasing government promises of free stuff for the poor by taking from the rich and giving it to the poor government...

Foreign Policy-
John McCain will strengthen solid relationships with our friends and stand up against our enemies.

Barack Obama will strengthen shady relationships with our enemies and in turn lose our friends.

America cannot afford Barack Obama's extreme radical leftist polices when compared to John McCain.


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