Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obama-Biden Bullying Of News Media Not Good For America

After seeing how Joe Biden responded to a fair question asked by news reporter Barbara West in Florida and how Barack Obama reacted to a fair question posed by Joe the Plumber... attack, discredit and punish seems to be the general response to any tough question posed to Biden or Obama... are we headed to the same system used by Hugo Chavez in Venezuela?

"Article 147: "Anyone who offends with his words or in writing or in any other way disrespects the President of the Republic or whomever is fulfilling his duties will be punished with prison of 6 to 30 months if the offense is serious and half of that if it is light." That sanction, the code implies, applies to those who "disrespect" the president or his functionaries in private; "the term will be increased by a third if the offense is made publicly."

There's more: Article 444 says that comments that "expose another person to contempt or public hatred" can bring a prison sentence of one to three years; Article 297a says that someone who "causes public panic or anxiety" with inaccurate reports can receive five years. Prosecutors are authorized to track down allegedly criminal inaccuracies not only in newspapers and electronic media, but also in e-mail and telephone communications."

Obama and Joe Biden's refusal to answer questions and their outright bullying of the news media is very concerning to say the least... at least concerning to those of us who care about freedom of speech.


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