Friday, October 10, 2008

Partisan Legislative Panel Finds Palin Guilty Of Doing The Right Thing

You will see more on the news in the next few days about Sarah Palin doing the right thing as Governor in Alaska and getting slammed for it now, than you have seen altogether about Barack Obama's ties to terrorist Timothy McV errr I mean Bill Ayers and Obama's corrupt ties to ACORN.
Media bias?... hide and watch.

Anyone who didn't demand that that police officer be fired... should be fired. Poaching a moose was enough, but to use a police dept taser on his own son, BRAVO to Sarah and Todd Palin for doing the right thing.

Had she done what those bashing her now are suggesting... that is to have protected the officer that illegally killed a moose, drank beer on duty and used police dept taser on his own son... had she NOT demanded his firing, had she protected him (because of family ties) THEN people would have had something to crow about. As it is, this is nothing but shameless character assassination by Democrats on that panel who are connected to the Obama Campaign.

Remember my motto:
"No good deed goes unpunished"

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