Saturday, October 18, 2008

Peace Arena Out Of Touch and No Sense of Humor = The Angry Hateful Left

Make fun or a joke about someone on the left and you are accused of hate crimes yet entertainers are trying to make a career out of mocking George W Bush and Republicans in general.

Proof of just how out of touch they are is a local Oklahoma blogger Peace Arena who on the same day Sarah Palin is going to appear on Saturday Night Live (tonight), accuses McCain and Palin of having no sense of humor and not being able to laugh. (He heard it at the Huffington Post so it must be true)

btw- McCain was a hundred times funnier than Obama at the "Roast" charity dinner the other night.

And while we are on the subject of anger and rage and hate, take a look at what the left did to Joe the Plumber and what they tried to do to Sarah Palin and what they have done to Bush since 2000.

The left has just become about anger and hate and nothing else. They claim to be about the future and hope, but spend all their time talking about what they hate about America not what they love.

As far as "healing the great divide" as Peace Arena blog puts it... the left makes that divide further and further with every attack on Palin and everyday people like Joe the Plumber.
It is the left that has created the current divide with their Bush Derangement Disorder.

Good grief, LIGHTEN UP.


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