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Poll This

For those of you thinking that the current opinion polls tell the tale on the election, I refer you back in time...

October 09, 2004
Polls | REUTERS Poll: Kerry 46%-Bush 45%

More polling data, this time from Reuters/Zogby. It’s important to note that this poll wrapped BEFORE last night’s debate. Details:

  • Kerry leads Bush by 46-45 percent
  • Kerry seems to be solidifying his base: He earned support from 83 percent of Democrats, 88 percent of blacks, 79 percent of Jews and 65 percent of single voters. Kerry led by a 2-to-1 margin in union households.
  • Bush, too, is solid in his base: He had support of 87 percent of Republicans, 51 percent of investors and 53 percent of married voters
  • The candidates were locked in dead heat among Catholics and households with armed forces members

The national poll of 1,216 likely voters was taken Wednesday through Friday and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.9 percentage points.

New Polls Show Kerry leads by 9% in NH, 2% in FL

John Kerry leads George Bush 50 to 41 percent of New Hampshire LV's, according to a Center for Applied Public Opinion Research Poll conducted 10/18-21 for Franklin Pierce College. The poll scored Bush's approval rating at 45 percent.

John Kerry leads George Bush 50-48 percent of Florida LV's, according to a SurveyUSA Poll conducted 10/22-04.

Harvard poll suggests 48 percent for Kerry, 38 percent for Bush

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- College students favor Democratic presidential contender Sen. John Kerry over President Bush by a 10-point margin and have become substantially more dissatisfied with Bush over the past six months, according to a poll released Thursday.

Kerry Holds Lead Over Bush in Presidential Race, Time Poll Says

By Vincent Del Giudice

Aug. 7 2004 (Bloomberg) -- Senator John Kerry, the Democratic presidential nominee, widened his lead to 5 percentage points over President George W. Bush in the week after the Democratic National Convention, according to a Time Magazine poll that showed voters regard the economy as the primary issue.

2000- Gore Leading Bush Among Key Groups

Gore's new strength in the two-way race with Bush is boosted in part by big jumps in support among groups where McCain had been gaining in the final weeks of his primary campaign -- including older voters, independents, and voters in the Northeast. Gore has moved into a slight lead over Bush after being in a virtual tie (45%-46%) last month, and trailing Bush by double digits (40%-55%) in December.

For the first time since the presidential race began to take shape more than a year ago, Gore has a lead among independents, 47%-39%. This marks a substantial gain for the vice president among these swing voters, who supported Bush by a 56%-36% margin before the primaries began.

Gore also enjoys a sizable 62%-30% lead among senior citizens, compared to a much narrower 48%-44% spread a month ago. Notably, Gore's older supporters are also more likely than other Gore backers to cite Bush's personality as the thing they like least about him (47% among senior citizens, compared to 33% overall).

Gore bests Bush among older men (52%-42%), a group among which he trailed in February (41%-47%), and has closed what was once a substantial gap with Bush among all men. Today, men are evenly divided (46% support Gore, 47% support Bush). This compares with a 20-point Bush lead among men in December. At the same time, Bush still enjoys a significant lead over Gore among white men.

Similarly, Gore has his first sizable lead among women, who support the vice president by a 52%-39% margin. The women's vote was more narrowly divided last month, and Bush actually enjoyed a 9 percentage point lead in December.

Gore Leads In Poll; Democrat Gains on Issues, Eases Doubts

Washington Post August 22 2000 Al Gore currently holds a 50 percent to 45 percent advantage over Republican nominee Gov. George W. Bush among registered voters--



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The polling before the election in 2004 and the exit polling on election day seem to inicate that Senator Kerry actually won the 2004election. Add this polling to all the questionable results in Ohio especially and it appears we should be reelecting President Kerry. God knows how much better off we would be if the real winner was able to lead us.

10:12 PM  
Blogger Otter said...

Did we forget that Gore actually won the popular vote in the 2000 election?

1:01 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Thank you both for making my point.

The popular vote polls don't mean a thing. Even exit polling is flawed to the point of not being relevant.

Unless you are one of those soonerthought koolaid drinkers that still believe Bush isn't president and sooners are just folks that arrived first.. if so, ...nice.

Let me know how that works out for ya'.

9:41 AM  
Blogger Otter said...

Oh no, I believe that Bush is the President. The Supreme Court said so. I also believe that he is there because he stole the election. Had the Supreme Court not made that decision and it was made allowed to recount those votes, I think we would be living in a very different world.

12:43 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

I love that one... "he stole the election" when every single recount by independent studies clearly demonstrated that even under Gore's own "creative" method of counting votes.... George W Bush still won Florida in 2000.

It's really too bad for Gore, Kerry and hopefully Obama that dead people and fake people can't vote however democrats would win every time if ACORN had it's way.

Remeber, also the famed butterfly ballots in Florida were developed by.... democrats who ran those districts that used them, not George Bush.

No wonder you "independent" thinking democrat liberals don't get the facts right on the war, you're still stuck in 1999 and can't get even get the facts right on that.

11:18 AM  

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