Sunday, October 05, 2008

Questions For Obama (backers)

Questions for the next debate:

Senator Obama, you have said you denounced terrorist William Ayers. If you thought Ayers acts needed denouncing, why were you friends with him until 2005?

Senator Obama, you denounced your pastor The Good Reverend Wright where you attended church regularly for decades. Why did you only do so after you were running for president and his Anti-American, racist, sexist sermons came to light?

Senator Obama, you have proposed Trillions of dollars of new government spending at a time when you say our economy is failing and our debt out of control. Where do you plan (specifically) to get the money to pay for this keeping in mind that if you increase taxes on the so-called rich (ie. business owners that already pay 90% of the taxes) you will further damage the economy?

Senator Obama, you voted against legislation that would protect the right to life to an abortion survivor. Please explain to us how on God's earth you could support the killing ... murdering... of infants who survive abortions... and abortion in general, considering that 1- there are thousands of methods to avoid pregnancy including free birth control and 2- that the "choice" by a woman is in fact to kill another human being... even after birth.

Senator Obama, illegal immigration is one of the largest problems we face and has in fact contributed significantly to our current housing market crisis and financial bail out... what will YOU do to 1- secure our borders, 2- enforce our immigration laws and 3- assist those who come here legally to learn our language and assimilate into our society?

Senator Obama, you opposed the war, opposed the surge and opposed any plan for victory in Iraq. Now that victory is being achieved, what is your plan to grab defeat from those jaws of victory and if president, how soon would you wave the white flag in Afghanistan too?

I'll get back to ya' with a few more easy ones.


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