Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Quote Of The Day? More Like Smear of the Day

To answer a local wreckless and thoughtless blogger's recent post regarding Sarah Palin being responsible for or participating in a threat...

"The Secret Service did not hear any threatening statements directed at targets under its protection and no threatening statements were reported to us by law enforcement or citizens at the event"
-Secret Service spokesman Malcolm Wiley.

The only reports of anyone yelling anything were apparently made-up by a democrat operative.... err I mean "journalist" trying to create something out of nothing... which come to think of it describes the entire Obama campaign.

You Bloggers who wrote or implied that Sarah Palin was responsible for something that in the article from a non-source YOU cite that actually says "didn't happen" are the worst. In fact come to think of it... that blogger was voted as co-runner-up (or loser depending on your perspective) of the Oklahoma "Worst blogger of the year award" in 2007.

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