Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SF Chronicle "Biden's Mouth"... "Needs a Leash"

Even those on the far far extremely far left are letting it slip out that Joe Biden is a loose cannon at best and certainly not qualified to be Vice President... God forbid President.

The San Francisco Chronicle Blog: Below The Beltway
Biden's Mouth- Carolyn Lochhead (endorsed Obama)

"The only surprise here is how long it has taken the famously unfiltered Biden to make such a stumble. Aside from putting Sarah Palin into some perspective, it plays directly into McCain's arguments, and Hillary Clinton's during the primaries, that Obama was naive in his offer to meet with hostile leaders in an effort to elevate diplomacy over force".

..."expect Biden to need a leash if he becomes vice president."

"I exaggerate when I get angry" - Joe Biden

America cannot afford a leash big enough to keep these two bumbling stumbling spendoholics under control.


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