Sunday, October 19, 2008

SHOCKING NEWS: Powell Declares He's Not A Conservative or Republican

During his endorsement of Barack Obama (claims to be African American), Colin Powell (African American) said this had nothing to do with race but his decision was based on the issues and principles stating that Obama (the youngest and most inexperienced candidate to ever run for President) has the experience to be President while condemning and disowning virtually every conservative principle and stance on the issues.

Powell said that some of his concerns were that (if elected), McCain-Palin would "appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court", lower everyones taxes, stimulate the economy and win the war.

Ohhh no, not THAT!
Shocking News?
No not really... we already knew Powell was a RINO... and my bet is he will have even less effect than Joe Lieberman has had for McCain.

One question for the General though... if Barack Obama were lets say White... and had the exact same experience (virtually zero), would Colin Powell still say he had the "right stuff"?


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