Monday, October 13, 2008

Soonerthought Obama Terrorist, Soonerthought wrong

As usual, soonerthought blog is in left field without a paddle.
He now asserts that critics of Barack H. Obama are claiming "Obama is a terrorist because of his middle name.

"people say that Barack H. Obama's middle name makes him a terrorist...since John McCain shares the same first name as John Wilkes Booth, does that make McCain an assassin?"- SoonerThought("editor")

Dear "editor", I have never read anywhere or anyone on the right who has made that claim.
I have never even read that Obama was a terrorist... where did SoonerThought get this information?

Does SoonerThought have inside info on Obama's additional connections to more terrorists other than Bill Ayers and his lunatic bloodthirsty wife?
Does SoonerThought consider the good Reverend Wright to be a terrorist too?
Jihad Joe Biden?

He does not say.
SO what makes SoonerThought say Obama is a terrorist...?
I certainly don't believe that and neither do any conservatives I know... and I know plenty of conservatives.

Obama is in favor of killing babies that survive an abortion, but that doesn't make him a terrorist does it?

Obama is in favor of letting the terrorists win and take over Iraq.. but that doesn't make him a terrorist does it?

Obama doesn't want you to own a gun or protect yourself, but that doesn't make him a terrorist.

Obama will most certainly raise your taxes (if you pay taxes), but that doesn't make him a terrorist.

Obama includes illegal immigrants in his free healthcare for all program and has said he will give them all drivers licenses. That makes him a moron but not a terrorist.

Obama went to an Islamic school when he was young and may not have actually been born in America... but that doesn't make him a terrorist does it?

All that stuff makes him unfit to be President, but not a terrorist.
Finally soonerthought tries to make the case that G Gordon Liddy is/was a terrorist... which is simply false. G Gordon Liddy was convicted of the break-in during the watergate scandal and served time in prison for that. There is a huge difference between a listening device and a bomb.. Bill Ayers actually killed people and G Gordon Liddy shot cardboard targets... big difference.
So, I am left to believe that soonerthought simply made it all up.
Just like he made up the "history" of "Sooners" to fit his needs.
(Sooners were simply those who "arrived first"

I'd sooner do without soonerthought's lies and slanderous partisan posts, but it's so darned fun to make fun of him for his outright dishonesty...


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