Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Vote Obama-Biden or Elect McCain-Palin

Journalism is dead.
It's no secret that the news media is controlled by democrats. Major studies and polls have more than demonstrated that fact. No link required, use your brain.
In fact they don't even really bother to try and hide it anymore.
So, if you want to pick up the newspaper or turn on the news everyday for the next 4 years and hear about how great things are under President Obama and how no matter what goes wrong... it was Bush's fault, then vote for Obama-Biden.
If you want to increase taxes on those already paying over 95% of the taxes vote for Obama-Biden.
If you want to increase YOUR taxes vote Obama Biden.
If you think America is the problem and not the solution... vote Obama Biden.
If you want our military downgraded, degraded and put on the back burner... vote Obama-Biden. If you want more government in your life, more spending (over $1 trillion new programs proposed) out of your pocket... then vote Obama-biden.

If you want to piss-off the Democrat run news media, Hollywood and extreme leftists who are trying to socialize our country and in the process protect our country from terrorists (instead of meeting with them) restore our economy (by lowering taxes not raising them) stand up to our enemies and protect our friends,... then elect McCain-Palin. If you want to eliminate corruption in Washington you don't bring in a "community organizer" from Chicago to do it. You bring in a corruption fighting pit-bull from Alaska and a tough old maverick from Arizona. If you don't let the news media decide who you vote for, then elect McCain-Palin.
If you believe it is time for a woman to be Vice President... and save this country from socialism. then elect McCain-Palin.
If you really-truly want to vote for change, then elect McCain- Palin.
Besides, without Sarah Palin, Tina Fey will have to go back to being a cute SNL second tier bit player.

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