Monday, October 27, 2008

Wake Up America, Obama = Radical Socialism

Will Americans be fooled into voting themselves into a socialist government?

Obama is using the distraction of "FREE MONEY" to convince enough middle class voters to join the poor who don't pay taxes into socialism.

Obama will have the power to do whatever he wants, having the two MOST liberal members in both the house (Nancy Pelosi) and Senate (Harry Reid) leading him around and having their way with YOUR money and YOUR freedom of speech and control over YOUR life.

SOCIALISM vs Free Enterprise and capitalism.

Government control of banks, education, healthcare, auto industry, energy industry... government control of YOU.

The time to WAKE UP is now America, we have been invaded from within and our very foundation is being challenged.

VOTE FOR FREEDOM, Liberty, the individual, vote for Joe the Plumbers and Sarah Palins
and regular people who aspire to do more, do better and prosper... vote for John McCain and vote against socialism, communism, progressivism, democratism or whatever they want to call it today. Vote to save America, save our Republic, save our individual freedoms, save our economy and perhaps save the world.
-red stater

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