Thursday, October 09, 2008

Who Is Barry Obama?

What or who exactly is Barack Hussein Obama?
He seems to be all things to all people.
Black White and Arab, he is all of the above, pick one.
He is charismatic and charming, deceitful and deceptive.
He was partially raised and schooled a Muslim, now he is a Christian.
He says he is personally against abortion but voted to allow post-birth abortion to be performed on babies that survive an abortion procedure and voted in favor of abortion every single opportunity, yet he claims to be a religious... Christian man.
His mentors and influential pals are Anti-American terrorists and anti-American radicals... (no not Robert Byrd and Nancy Pelosi)... Bill Ayers and the radical Reverend Wright, but he is a religious man just like you and me.
He is a Communist/Socialist radical yet appears as an average American "community organizer".
He is portrayed as experienced, yet has virtually none at leading or running even a small organization.
He is anti-war and anti-military but says he will kill Osama Bin Laden and defend America yet wants to negotiate the non-negotiable with our enemies.
He is loved by our worst enemies and yet also loved by many Americans.
So tell me, seriously...for real... Is Barack Obama the anti-Christ?


Blogger Blogmaster said...

You will never be able to top this...McCain should fly you to his side as chief speechwriter now!

11:16 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

lol... I'd get him in way too much trouble with the democratpress...
about my tongue in cheek poke at Obama being the anti-christ...hopefully it just demonstrates that those who are voting for him aren't really voting for him (the real Barack) they are each voting for their own version, interpretation of "him".
Either that... or he really is the anti-Christ.

10:03 AM  

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