Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama; Running Short on "Friends"

10 Reasons to NOT be Barack Obama's friend.

1- Obama will throw you under the bus if (when) anyone finds out you were friends.

2- To qualify you must be either a former terrorist, know one, or want to be one.

3- It means you are probably a communist or a socialist who is about to be "outed".

4- It means you are probably involved with shady real estate deals, kickbacks and slush funds.

5- It means you will soon have too many secrets about Obama to keep secret.

6- It means you probably hate America and think you have the right to take money from those that have made more and then give it to those of your choosing.

7- It means you must be either willing to lie about Obama yourself or you must be willing to believe and repeat Obama and Biden's lies.

8- It means you probably attend (by coincidence) the same America hating church and totally disagree with the pastor but like your friend, you never mention it.

9- It possibly means that you work for ACORN and are getting paid to be his friend (and get him elected).

10- If you are Barack Hussein Obama's friend... good luck and watch your back and watch out for buses.

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