Friday, November 07, 2008

30 States Have Now Rejected Homosexual Marriage

Voters in 30 states dating back to 1988 have defined "marriage" as between one man and one woman... including this past Tuesday, (drum roll please) California. Yup, turn on the tube and watch 'em protesting and screaming bloody murder and trying to get some liberal Judge to agree with them that it's just not fair.

Why doesn't the gay and lesbian community respect the will of the voters... we (most of us) respect your right to be gay and/or lesbian, that is not the issue. Marriage is between one man and one woman... (gay or not). I don't hate you or think you should change... nor should we be forced to change the definition of marriage.

Hint: Go for the "civil union" thing and you'll prolly get your way. .. or keep protesting and see where that gets ya.


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