Monday, November 03, 2008

Canadians Ponder Why Obama "Can't Close the Deal"

Canadian blogger Brian Lilly wonders exactly WHY Barack Obama hasn't been able to "close the deal"...

Another Canadian blogger (his mentor) has an answer... comparing it to a 1980 vote in Canada called the Quebec Referendum.... a vote on whether Quebec would split from Canada. The media and polls all showed that a "YES" was certain... but in a surprise finish the bill was defeated.

"I wouldn’t be surprised if the polls were completely wrong in good part because McCain voters (even the faute de mieux types, who aren’t crazy about him but are worried about Mr. Obama’s socialism, international naivete, pro-choice extremism, or all of the above) refuse to answer pollsters or claim to be undecided."
She goes on to say...
"Today’s USA is quite different from 1980 Quebec. But, like the song says, people are people…"



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