Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chuck Hagel Should Ride To Caucus With Lieberman

Lefty bloggers aren't satisfied with just winning elections. They must destroy the enemy and any story about disagreement in the Republican party... of course they pounce on it like a liberal on warm hunk of tofu or like a redneck on a rib... your choice.

Senator Chuck Hagel is "Republican Light" at best.
He seems more to me like a pro-life Democrat. Anyway, the Republican party needs to move away from the McCains and Hagels and Rinos and "purge" the so-called moderate conservatives, the so-called maverick got his butt kicked and Hagel represents everything that is wrong with the Republican party today.... and he is jealous. We went to the middle and it only served to help the other side win.

Senator Chuck Hagel (N) (R?) also seemed furious that the most listened to radio host in America Rush Limbaugh has far more influence than he and probably also probably upset that Rush makes much more money than does the Senator and without running for office, Rush Limbaugh (it has been said by smart people on the left) runs the entire country. (all from the comfort of the EIB luxurious studios).

It will be interesting to see how Senator Hagel feels about the "fairness doctrine" which most say would eliminate talk radio and hosts like Rush Limbaugh and eliminate tons of money for radio stations across the fruited plain.

I think Senator Hagel (R?) should get the secret DNC phone number from Joe Lieberman (D) and see if there is room for him in the Obamaboat... I'm sure there is. They are a forgiving bunch.



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